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It is people like basketball more than football, many people still prefer

Liying Wei2010-04-06 05:11:54 +0000 #1
Although football is the world's No. 1 sport, but we have very few students seem to like football, this is why
Apple obsessed Health2010-04-06 05:13:40 +0000 #2
this depends on conditions , the natural world is much more like football, basketball, no matter how old.

In China, football has been of concern to most people. However, in recent years have been very poor Kunitari make soccer interest was reduced.

European football is certainly exciting, but the middle of the night games broadcast only on weekends, also because of the high cost of broadcast reasons, such as the Premiership, Champions League and other high level competitions in China can not see through the television, which greatly affected the influence of soccer in China .

With Yao Ming into the NBA, NBA China, the trend in the increasingly strongly, under the massive publicity in the NBA, making basketball than football outside China now the most talked about sports, especially in the students, it is star-chasing, such as tide. Therefore, students are more like basketball.

But the magic of football can not be ignored. In addition to the North American Soccer desert, football will always be the first movement!
Sparkyou2010-04-06 05:22:15 +0000 #3
site constraints. Should play more basketball, but also like to watch football a lot.
Opethqun2010-04-06 05:20:49 +0000 #4
as the environment, no matter which city really is, no matter which school, playing basketball to do more than play football, to me that I feel should be broadcast from the Slam Dunk basketball talent since the beginning multiplied, but I always liked football, not very interested in basketball.
00totti002010-04-06 06:15:50 +0000 #5
are not comparable across Europe are watching football

South American look olives are also a football


Africa China as Yao Ming and China Football in the state even if it is half and half

On the whole, far greater than football basketball
Xu Hanwei ABC2010-04-06 07:32:27 +0000 #6
fdthdu2010-04-06 07:58:22 +0000 #7
in the world who love football more than 1 billion or so, like basketball about 300 million people around, because in developing countries (noun poor countries) football is more simple, without the basket, the venue as long as a ball on the line, the goal can find both bricks; but football is relatively cheap. Europe has good football tradition, so many people like football. But in China, Chinese Men do not mention, but Yao Ming and basketball has given us too many surprises and pride, so you will appear like little football situation. In fact, China is also a lot like football, watching the Champions League, Bundesliga, Serie A's more.
Hetaogaoyi2010-04-06 07:02:24 +0000 #8
the world's three major sports event is not basketball Oh



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