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GLENFIELD (Granfil) is an Italian MAGREB (Mageleibo) Group's well-known clothing brands.

〔〕 GLENFIELD name brand culture originated in the UK inspired the founder of the villages and golf green, is the ideal fashion upstart's paradise, is the pursuit of comfort synonymous with the natural quality of life.

〔〕 GLENFIELD brand style and position of women's family is knitted products are popular in Europe for decades local brands in Italy, her products are new-country style and concentration of British fashion, design simplicity and sophisticated without losing the atmosphere but does not lose elegant, reflects a very calm and quiet above the top of luxury is more suitable for 28-45 year-old pursuit of quality of life that women wear.

〔〕 Brands were similar brand MEXX, SANDWISH, SISLEY other than SCOFIELD, ESPRIT more mature.

Earlier, GLENFIELD stores have spread across Europe, in Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Finland, Estonia, Russia and other countries set up nearly 400 brand store counters, has men, women and girls children's clothing three series, with BENETTON, STEFANEL tied for the big-selling brand, Italy 3. 2005 autumn and winter, GLENFIELD brand women's official visit in China, currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Guiyang and other places more than 20 stores opened.

Today, GLENFIELD and teamed up to launch online flagship store, provide consumers convenient, affordable online shopping fashion choices.



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