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Operational performance of the world's best pistol is what kind of

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Russia PSS gun

PSS silenced pistol. It uses the freedom of conventional bolt pistol automatic principle, but the structure is rather special. PSS pistol barrel chamber by the movable and fixed line bore formed chamber can recoil 8 mm, with a separate chamber return spring. It's bolt return spring inside the barrel sleeve installed in the top position. Fired bodies are also characteristic of type with exposed hammer, can also be double-acting single-action firing. PSS pistol firing 7.62 mm bullets SP4 special hand, capacity ammunition magazine capacity 6 rounds. 8 mm recoil chamber, the case of block to stop, but because of inertia continue to recoil sleeve to complete the pumping action cast shell, while the chamber forward back to place. Take place after the sleeve, the inner surface of the front of the small bumps will tangle cylinder, which will increase the weight bolt, so that automatic machine sports a more stable, and will reduce the sound of the automaton. So, it's micro-sound effect is shooting this out. PSS silenced pistol shot the whole length 165 mm, barrel length 76 mm, weight 710 g air gun. Single bullet fired SP4 weight 23 grams, warhead weight 10 grams. It warhead high muzzle velocity, long range, very powerful. General body armor Fang Buzhu it. In the 30 m distance, 5 mm thick steel plate can breakdown.
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