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Hwdragon2010-04-09 19:10:19 +0000 #1
Who can give me a short guide explaining a small section of football or volleyball game, then ah?
guiltyboy2010-04-09 19:25:39 +0000 #2
Iaquinta, a penalty! Penalty! Penalty! Grosso, and Grosso's it! Do not give Australia any chance.

The great Italian left back! He inherited the glorious tradition of Italy. Facchetti, Cabrini, Maldini possessed by the soul at this moment! Grosso a person who represents the Italian soccer history and tradition, at this moment he is not a man in combat, he was not a man!

Totti, to face the penalty. He faced the world's attention and expectations of Italian fans.

Schwarzer had saved the World Cup qualifying play-offs over two penalties, Totti should be aware of this, he can smile his face in front of him? 10 seconds later what he would face?

Ball into it! The race is over! Italy won, out of Australia. They did not once again fall in front of Hiddink's team, the great Italian! The great Italian left back! Happy birthday to Maldini! Long live Italy!

The penalty is an absolute must in theory kill. Absolutely dead, the Italian team into the quarterfinals!

Victory belongs to Italy, belongs to Grosso, to Cannavaro, Zambrotta, to Buffon, to Maldini, to everyone who loves Italian soccer person!

Australian team may regret, Hiddink, he was in the second half where more than one person playing too conservative, too calm, he lost his courage to face the long history of Italy, he did not come up again in his that jumps play the group stage style, he finally suffer. They go home, they do not back far away as Australia, they do not go home, most of them are living in Europe, good-bye!



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