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Why Nottingham Forest two consecutive Champions League? ? Who in the

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Whether you admit, then English football is indeed leading in Europe. Three teams won 6 consecutive Champions League is the best proof. So, then won the Champions League second division champions Nottingham Forest was not anything unusual. England then was Champions League title. The Nottingham Forest to promotion to grade on just one stroke to win, really is a miracle, but this has created a miracle before Liverpool, Ajax has been, and there have been subsequent Kaiserslautern. At that time China is in the Cultural Revolution, it did not support the Chinese people saw that the crimson team invincible. According to my analysis, then the strong teams only Liverpool and Aston Villa. Nottingham Forest bought Liverpool a very important supplement, the strength and play for Liverpool with a deep understanding of the other team is not strong, resulting in production of crimson wonder.

Player information easy to find, as follows:

Vivian Anderson (Vivian Anderson) 1956 年 8 29, Anderson was born in Nottingham, England. Anderson, famous young, September 21, 1974 in the forest team and Sheffield Wednesday debut match, at the age of 18 years. Clough entered the forest team, Anderson firmly installed in the main right-back position, his strong defense, assists firm, is essential for the golden age of the main team. Anderson Forest team played a total of 323 games, 15 balls into. After the team left the forest, he found Arsenal, Manchester United and other teams, and in 1995 ended his career in Middlesbrough. In 2004, Anderson entered English football Hall of Fame.

Jialibote Rice (Garry Birtles) 1956 年 7 27, Botelaisi was born in Nottingham, England. In 1976, Nottingham Forest to two thousand pounds bought Botelaisi, broke his performance thus began. Division staff in front of striker's Botelaisi good sense of smell, Shooting comprehensive, often into the key goals is to Clough in the forest the highest return on investment team player. Effectiveness of the forest team, he was in 87 league matches into 32 balls, showing commendable. The summer of 1980, Botelaisi fought Manchester United, and two seasons for the Red Devils in the dedication of the 11 league goals. 1982 to 1986, Botelaisi Montpellier forest team shirt, and in its participation in the gains of 125 league games, 38 goals. Botelaisi through the forest team's best after retirement he served as the Sky Sports football commentator.

彼得希尔顿 (Peter Shilton)

1949 年 9 18, Hilton was born in England, Leicestershire. Hilton is the history of Nottingham Forest and even the greatest England keeper, as the team's last line of defense, his perfect gatekeepers technology, psychology is also very good. Hilton Leicester team player career began in 1977, move to Nottingham Forest, he ushered in during the peak of his career. Hilton Forest team played a total of 202 times, showing fairly stable. Team experienced in the forest two Champions League finals, he high-low block to secure access losing goal for reelection Guiguan Li team under the illustrious military exploits. In addition to Nottingham Forest played well, the Hilton's international career is equally wonderful, in November 1970, the first international appearances, is the national team after 20 years of the most reassuring goalkeeper.

Trevor Francis (Trevor Francis)

1954 年 4 19, Francis was born in England, Plymouth. Francis played for Nottingham Forest for a short time, but he was the first time, go ahead and compete for the European Cup team set up combat and rendered meritorious. Francis is the first history of more than 1 million pounds worth of England players, when Clough sky-high price of 100 million pounds into him, there were many who doubted whether it is worth the investment. However, Clough Quedui him today will be trustful added: "He values the price, because he can help the team succeed." Kela Fu Mei You makes mistakes, the 1979 European Cup final, it is precisely in the Shang Francis goal before halftime to help the Forest team beat Malmo 1-0. Francis on behalf of Forest team played 70 games into 28 balls. After leaving the forest team, he has played for Manchester City, Sampdoria and other teams; in 1994, Sheffield Wednesday, he ended his playing career.
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1978/79, 1979/80 season Nottingham Forest European Cup champions for two consecutive years

1978/79 season Nottingham Forest on board Europe's highest peak - the European Champions Cup Champions! First of all, 2-0 in the first round they knocked out cleanly reelection the previous two championships in Liverpool, then AEK Athens 7-2 rout of success Sharu eight, consecutive victory greatly boosted the morale of Nottingham Forest. Quarter-finals 5-2 out of Zurich Grasshoppers team, the semi-final 4-3 to Cologne team trampled, their final opponents are Malmö, both through the forest after a bitter fight team the 1-0 win at rivals ascent. In the same year, they reelected the League Cup (3-2 win over Southampton), also finished second in the league.

1979/80 season, Nottingham cyclone remained strong, the first two rounds they have not come across too strong opponents, successfully entered the semi-final. Ajax strong semi-final was not able to stop the pace of the forest team defeated 1-2, Nottingham Forest once again into the Champions League final, their opponents Hamburg have the European Footballer of the year Kevin base Gun. Fortunately, the forest team to 1-0 win over again.



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