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I heard absolutely Bayern strike the second goal is that true?

Superzhang05062010-04-10 03:10:09 +0000 #1

Zhao Bin bayern2010-04-10 03:21:12 +0000 #2
No, the moment passes in Olic, Klose in front of the ball, it must be as offensive and defensive offside 【If there are two players, only the goalkeeper defending side, it is offside Defense is a look at another moment the attackers pass the ball behind the attackers are, in the rear without crossing the line in front of the offside. So the ball offside Bayern's word

more in this case the standard does not overrun the ball, the ball is the offside line

do you understand?

Do not know you can append,

I am happy to help you. .


renewable brave2010-04-10 03:57:36 +0000 #3
9609845192010-04-10 04:22:24 +0000 #4
Bayern second goal is definitely not good shots, Klose definitely offside!
Shovel do not tackle2010-04-10 05:02:02 +0000 #5
is the absolute strike the ball increases the brain disabled blind. . They think that Olic passing moment were all the players in Florence, it is not offside pass to Klose is on strike. . . Group of disabled children suspected brain really know anything about football rules on the watch. . . Even Olic's body position than any player in Florence, as long as he is to Klose pass was offside. Only horizontal pass or return, but Klose shot after the plug was not offside. .

This controversy a couple of goals is also very good, a large number of random call out all day only to know the true laws of pseudo-fans. . .



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