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Champions League 2010, at 3:45 on the February 25 broadcast of Chelsea Inter Milan

Q2718302102010-04-10 04:12:16 +0000 #1
Chelsea and Inter Milan tomorrow morning's game, Central 5 What will be broadcast? Recently broadcast on East Olympic ah always do not know will not broadcast this game? 14 games I'll wait for a night, but got no change, very depressing! Today, all countries do not know and will broadcast the game? If you do not change it, we usually have what software the computer watching the game? Know must tell me ah, today I have to look at the game! Thank you for teammates friends. I point to introduce the software online to see Thank you!
u_look_like_sb2010-04-10 04:25:25 +0000 #2
2 月 25 日 凌晨 3 点 45 situation Soccer Channel live

03:45 Champions League one / 8 Final Inter Milan - Chelsea situation Football (CCTVReg HD and SD) situation Football (UUSee) ESPN Asia (PPlive) ESPN Asia

CCTV FY football uusee

download a UUSEE, after installation you can open the program table, 3:45 pm you can watch

not uusee time can go goalhi also live, and screening more than uusee choose is large . If you encounter problems not play, you download and install a sopcast plug-in, you can refresh the page.

There are problems can come to me
the birds new2010-04-10 04:40:55 +0000 #3
LS said that the situation on

but football can be viewed online at CCTV (MS recently updated plug-CCTV, individual browser can not read), can not see the official website you can download a software CCTV , you can see all the CCTV channels, you can download as LS said UUSEE



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