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Now Bundesliga to die ah, you see the Spanish of Barcelona and Real Madrid are big, Bayern did not g

Woshiguiym2010-04-10 20:12:18 +0000 #1

jumingqiang2010-04-10 20:17:21 +0000 #2
Bayern not much


Franck Ribery Klose Gomez

I have many, many do not often see mainly Bundesliga

you do not see Barcelona and Real Madrid not so many stars

so do you want to substitute more useless
What is my name2010-04-10 20:32:30 +0000 #3
landlord seems you do not understand the Bundesliga Oh, Bayern big lot, dignified German national team striker Klose could only bench, such as the winter transfer window again play Tony rented without the ball out, and Bayern are a few of Europe's most wealthy clubs one. Bundesliga emphasis is on balance, not as some big-name team to buy debt owed to an ass, so in addition to Bundesliga club Bayern many things within the team is not big, but relatively healthy operating conditions.

If you do not know what else can Bundesliga Hi me!
G_Meister2010-04-10 21:29:23 +0000 #4
first ball is round and no matter how good the players are playing fusion less than a second Spanish team could not strike

The third is a membership is not a big team is a good team

fourth Bundesliga infrastructure hardware site attendance of a grade higher than the Spanish Barcelona 6

fifth crown for granted is also occasionally Guardiola's first season led many European teams on their play is not suited to the European season Zhu Qiang all of Barcelona Barcelona Tactics to win is not so simple

6th Bayern's financial well Biba Sa and Real Madrid more than their total assets, a good two but less than the fiscal deficit less than they state their operations more very good

PS: just to watch a player because a player is not like a team because the team were not good fans

or sell a player and the team abandoned their support team about switching to it does not loyal fans even more not to be

as a team began buying up large amounts of funds into the stars and fans like to be called the pseudo

awpboxer2010-04-10 21:11:55 +0000 #5
MS Bayern goalkeeper in addition to the other location are not weak. . .

Gomez Klose Jinxue World Cup in Germany in the coming years strikers knife

Olic play in Hamburg, when relatively stable

Robin Franck Ribery did not say to. . .

Van Bommel Netherlands Tieyao,


this season, is born the genius Muller

defense Demichelis this is also a NNB person. . .

hzc5212010-04-10 20:46:39 +0000 #6
is not no big, but the capacity is not too big, nor the overall advantage. But also have class players, Barcelona, Real Madrid's big names are world-class stars, contrary Bundesliga then, few bar
Golden dominant factors2010-04-10 21:38:17 +0000 #7
Bundesliga has never held any
kongxiuze2010-04-10 22:29:01 +0000 #8
landlord said, does have a certain reason, it is undeniable star quality and quantity from the Bundesliga has been far from Romania or the other three major leagues, but that does not mean Bundesliga money.

1, the traditional is not the same: the German management team has always been team-oriented, for profit, on the natural Bundesliga team sponsors than any other league teams are not times, Volkswagen, Bayer and so on are all world-class enterprise, but not a lot of spending habits, Bundesliga emphasis is on business. The other three leagues either membership or is a tycoon of all individuals, in order to achieve results not care how much.

2, with higher tax rates in Germany, 45% and therefore there is no advantage in salary and, therefore, not attracting big-name players. 3, language, full of the major European leagues from South America, Africa, the players, they are more willing to English-speaking countries and the Latin Kingdom of Spain, Italy.
People go cold tea still2010-04-10 22:30:33 +0000 #9
does not mean that no money Bayern Bayern can not only spend money like water and has a deep fan base at the Allianz Arena, 100 games, 130 games packed, but the level of Bundesliga as the Spanish Kakameixi c Lo so Bayern took the top star even more money they would not have to
carry thorns2010-04-10 22:16:07 +0000 #10
Bundesliga club is strict implementation of financial systems, whether or not the team has a powerful sound system and the company board of supervisors, board of directors , managers, union of mutual restraint, and this is the other four major league clubs can not match, which is why each Bundesliga season, club always on the highest level of profitability in Europe in the upstream.

Bundesliga may Clubs are self-financing, as there was not Inter's Massimo Moratti is willing to throw money inwards, also like Real Madrid as Barcelona have a huge membership support, precisely because of this corporate governance structure, Club will not take risks for large-scale, big-budget signings.

The long run, this development model is scientific and reasonable, although the Premiership is now a dominant, but are high in debt, once too much for investors, they are basically bound to bankrupt
zhangbin86542010-04-11 00:27:51 +0000 #11
philosophy difference in terminology

Germany A is the best operating conditions of five major league

German economy much stronger than the Spanish Premier League

personal sense of operating conditions it can not be good or bad now, if the foreign owners a little back, the team will also point back, and still find, as Manchester City Middle East boss better.



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