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Bayern offside it?

Candy12cj2010-04-11 00:12:11 +0000 #1
I am not the Bayern fans only watch the morning news that the Competition! I think there was a doubt, it is the first ball Olic hit the ball with the head, that Olic closer than Fiorentina defender goalkeeper, in accordance with the rules of offside penalty that should not pass it?
stevenyeah2010-04-11 00:28:33 +0000 #2
landlord means should be considered before Klose offside, Olic would have been offside.

OK, it is said that the first rule, then the specific interpretation.

In general, members of touches in the passing or shooting the moment, to judge whether the offside attacking players, need to meet all of the following four conditions:

1. Offensive players up front, that is, the other half, to 2. Offensive player In front of the ball, that ball closer to the attacking team other than the goal line,

3. offensive players in the second to last defender in front of the offensive players than defensive players closer to the last second the other goal line, 4. offensive player does involved in the development of soccer competition, which interfere with the game, or interfere with the defensive players, or other benefit offside position.

Only in passing or shooting team touches the moment, all of the above four conditions are met, to be considered offside.

And then come back to analyze the situation of the ball:

Law of the right-sided endo-and long-range, Frey saved the ball, the ball falls in the restricted area, Olic header pass to Klose.

For Olic offside if the judge, depending on Robben Chuangtzu shot moments, Olic location meets all the four above-mentioned conditions:

1. Olic up front to meet the conditions,

2. 奥利奇比皮 ball closer to the other goal line, to meet the conditions, 3. when Olic of area line, at least two defensive players Biaoliqi closer to the goal line, except goalkeeper Frey At least one in the back (should be 2 Keluoerde Rupp) Biaoliqi closer to the goal line, does not meet the conditions, 4. Olic involvement in the attack, to meet the conditions.

4 conditions, only to meet the three, it was not offside Olic.

Whether for Klose offside judgments, see Olic with the head touches the moment, Klose position meets all of the above-mentioned four conditions:

1. Klose up front to meet the conditions,

2. 克洛斯比皮 ball closer to the other goal line, to meet the conditions, 3. Crosby, second to last defender (should be 2 Keluoerde Rupp) closer to the goal line, that is only one Florence players (goalkeeper Frey) Bikeluosi closer to the goal line, to meet the conditions, 4. Close involvement in the attack, to meet the conditions.

So Close offside!

For specific offside rules landlord can look at the following video to explain, that's very detailed:

I have said so much and gave a explain the video, can not understand landlord?

Olic to head the ball really like when the landlord said, defensively than he was two defensive players closer to the goal. However, to judge whether Olic offside not according to his momentary position to head the ball, but by the moments Robben Chuangtzu shot, Olic location decisions! So, even when Olic in the head the ball beyond goalkeeper than in addition to all the defensive players closer to the goal line, then because he is not the moment Robben Chuangtzu offside, so Olic certainly not offside!

Wjt1007 say is right!

Aa11888 say what official information I'd never read, unless it can give the link to prove otherwise, must be wrong
Human_Torch2010-04-11 00:20:32 +0000 #3
Friends Your understanding of this rule is wrong, all the guards on the offensive side when the ball over the offside The ball is subject to penalty, the ball is the offside line, meaning that the ball can not pass the ball forward in front of teammates.

But yesterday that the ball no matter Olic in front of or behind the back, as long as is his passing, Klose was offside, because it was Klose's place in the back and front of Olic, this can clearly see to, so this is a clear offside ball, I would like to referee may determine when the ball is hit to the back Klose, was indeed difficult to see who hit the ball.
2509181652010-04-11 00:47:21 +0000 #4
Olic top if the ball is past, it is definitely offside, if rush back to the top, that Klose will not be overrun
aa118882010-04-11 01:42:43 +0000 #5
provisions, according to FIFA:

restricted area outside shot, the first who did not place a tip-offside, the other cases (including the second blank range), are considered valid goal.

Folk there was a saying that there are no offside restricted area is in accordance with the above provisions come the last century when all the experts in the restricted area pass Shipiyuewei an argument that a period of time, the last word is in the restricted area passes or assists, the ball Zai before shooting team, regardless of position defenders are not offside.

So you see a lot of ball into the bizarre, it is the football fans too simplistic to think that as long as the defense team did not drag behind the offensive team is offside! In fact, not all balls are crossing the line, restricted area is a sensitive area!

When the value of referee is right, because people see that under the rules of shooting when Rubens Olic onside, not offside Klose pass clear when Olic.
Zhen Qiu fans Ⅱ2010-04-11 00:44:35 +0000 #6
MYSOLSKJEAR2010-04-11 00:50:41 +0000 #7
your "in accordance with the rules of" fundamentally wrong regardless of one's own team members to have a defender before passing the ball when it was overrun former players ......

what you said that controversy does not exist ......
wjt10072010-04-11 01:37:07 +0000 #8
4 floor, I can only say that you are in the installation 13 to demonstrate what she had written so many rules

you go once you turn the rules

landlord called me and you say, even if Olic beyond all the guards and the formation of two outflank Klose shot, Olic header when Klose is obviously beyond the same level so no matter from what angle, the ball is completely offside, and those who say no offside of.

If you do not believe me if you can find some referees referee website or know people who ask, directly sent a letter to Lu Jun blog is also OK, I get head and you guarantee that this ball hundred percent offside.



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