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Who can explain Ouasenna on Porto last night under the first three goals is how going

hal70812010-04-11 10:11:55 +0000 #1
Who can explain Ouasenna on Porto last night under the first three goals how the matter
stevenyeah2010-04-11 10:16:12 +0000 #2
first said The indirect free kick in the penalty.

According to fifa soccer rules 12 - Fouls and Misconduct - Indirect Free Kick

An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper, inside his own penalty area, touches the ball with his hands after it has been deleberately kicked to him by a teammate.

In short, the goalkeeper touched his hand with the team members with their feet intentionally kicked the ball to him which will be sentenced to restricted indirect free kick, regardless of whether the first goalkeeper stop the ball with their feet. Referee of this match should be that Campbell deliberately return, so have this penalty. I did not see live, just looked at the video, probably because of angle or other reasons, is not particularly clear to see, but personally think Campbell is unconscious in the process of protecting the ball contacts the ball, not the obvious tendency to return, you can not sub- .

Then repeat any ball go faster. In general, an indirect free kick in the penalty, the referee will ask whether a player choose faster hair, because there is no election is made fast retransmission rights. Such as one year on the Champions League Giggs made a quick hair-off, and then entered, has also been criticized, but the referee and then he had the exchange, he chose to go faster. So it is no problem. Henry often made use of quick goals rule. But yesterday, apparently just had the ball from the referee to hand over and throws Fabianski Porto player turned his back to the ball, not to ask whether you want to go faster, or even no attention to his Porto players have quickly made, This is open to question. may also be that not every ball is asked, but the location is not in the restricted area should be prudent, let alone such a high level of Champions League competition. Of course the rules here and no mention of referees must be asked, so this where is the fuzzy rules. can only say that the standard of referees is not high enough, then there are differences desertion or understand it. The Porto player is also the use of the rules, while Arsenal also eat a dumb loss.

referee stopped Campbell the performance of more than amateur no comment. Arsenal tell it, the ball apart from referee factors, lack of experience in defense also contributed to the losses of reasons. In the amateur game, the players know the pressure the ball, and there was no one up Arsenal pressure the ball, veteran Campbell be thought of, but too late, was also a referee under screens. Fabianski would like to mop the time were afraid of license. Professor estimate when the training did not emphasize. It was a Bigfoot Fabianski all right, and also Qubao doing.

So, on this ball, because both referees, players also have their own reasons.
Yangcool26152010-04-11 10:29:34 +0000 #3
quick free kick made it, this kind of thing usually see referee, the referee allows the competent, I remember one year Giggs Manchester United Champions League knockout Yongzhe Zhao Yin died on Lille in France.
Joanfighting2010-04-11 11:31:25 +0000 #4
Arsenal were pit death
MYSOLSKJEAR2010-04-11 11:59:57 +0000 #5
Cup with ah
1831723172010-04-11 12:37:52 +0000 #6
fast fat free kick, the referee did not whistle blew before the ball began to fight each other a surprise, mainly to see referee, the referee can fine the effectiveness of -!
Moxu332010-04-11 11:41:34 +0000 #7
indirect free kick quickly made, abused and lead to the kind. .

Referee did not whistle, the entire people by surprise. .

Rubbish referee, such a big event, no explanation for others to understand, it's obvious to pit the gunmen. .

Cambay children on the edge, it is estimated how even the referee was distracted too fine no gods,



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