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World Cup is the oldest champion players who

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1982, 40-year-old "old age" of Dino. Zoff took part in the World Cup held in Spain in the twelfth. Legendary coach Bearzot for the Italian team has developed defensive tactics to fight back. It is to rely on such tactics, the Italian has defeated defending champion Argentina, Brazil and Eastern Europe, the Kingdom of crack football Poland, reached the final. With West Germany in the final, as captain Zoff to his prestige and technology to lead the team united and faithful implementation of the coach's intent, offensive and defensive simultaneously, good manners, in order to beat the score of 3-1 West Germany, to become world champion clinch the World Cup. But also because of its excellent performance Zoff was unanimously elected the best goalkeeper in the world, praised by fans as "impregnable fortress unassailable." From Spain's King Juan Carlos took over the trophy Zoff became the oldest player clinch Cup, finished his career the most brilliant chapter in the.
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Dino. Zoff, Italy's World Cup captain in 1982, 40-year-old goalkeeper



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