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0014 Football Lottery's EU Cup races? Master Jin! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 0

Wang Kang2010-04-12 07:10:37 +0000 #1
Urban economic vs Liverpool, many experts say this is the 10 pattern, that Liverpool unbeaten, the draw is not a bit redundant? Liverpool's first leg at home 1 to 0 if you want to keep a draw away, then too will bring their own tragedy, I think Liverpool win Wendan customer, not a draw! ! ! Pointing us to what?

Marseille vs Copenhagen, Marseilles, as the first leg away win 3 to 1, back home will not negatively games ah? Judging from the odds of the game are cool! ! ! Is making enough of war trick or Marseille? Marseille Champions League match from the perspective acvs, Marseille's strength is no doubt, will upset the game What? You to analyze? ? ?
Football squads2010-04-12 07:15:28 +0000 #2
Liverpool tightly early to know peace, Macedo like radio 3, and 8 more than 1000 pieces that come .......



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