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Bundesliga and German Cup issues

Ottobismark2010-04-12 12:11:28 +0000 #1
World War points in the Bundesliga Serie A case is not over. Bayern won the Bundesliga if the second, Schalke in third, fourth Bremen. Bayern and Schalke will then get a Champions League qualification, Bremen was an EU qualification. If they were German Cup Bayern, Bremen, runner-up, Schalke are third, fourth Augsburg. There a quota for EU Cup, then surely play Champions League Bayern, Germany, the EU does Cup qualification to whom? What is to Augsburg?
Zezheng2010-04-12 12:20:41 +0000 #2
Bundesliga current quota of only three in the Champions League, League first and second direct access to the Champions League of 32, while the third league to the Champions League qualifiers.

Bundesliga current quota in the European Union has four Cup, League fourth, fifth, sixth, and the German Cup directly to the European Union Cup.

If the German Cup Champions League qualification has been obtained by the replacement of the German Cup runner-up, such as the runner-up also won the Champions League qualification, followed by the German Cup while the third, fourth, fifth replacement!

All ottobismark brother's part of the question content is not correct, if any other questions, I kind of re-communication, users are very happy and lots of issues in football!



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