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Why do not the Asian Football washed?

Aha Apple2010-04-12 12:11:40 +0000 #1
The more detailed the better
shshjj2010-04-12 12:15:12 +0000 #2
simple point: a word is enough

lack of unity - not hard - arrogant / complacent - the level of the

complex natural enough, all the feelings of each fan to write a book

Chinese soccer not united long, this is not what I said --- the founding year of a general long criticized China in this soccer world --- but they have to correct it? ? I think they not only failed to correct, but even more developed, out of the individualist tradition / faction clustered, that is, forget their basic duty.

professional why a run up to engage in 12 minutes --- do endure despite the numerous guns H, but the problem Should not exposed significantly you?? Xu Genbao a rush to force the Circuit can be said to a group of Chinese football circles Grandpa gave the poor image of fallen clearly.

on the end of last season, winning the National Security, Lee Jang-soo Hong Yuanshuo marshals on some of the comments still ringing in our ears, something similar to my ears almost cocoon milled, and which foreign teachers after leaving the gang of Chinese football uncle seriously sum up the strengths and advantages over others --- even if results Milutinovic did not spare!!!! how can we expect them to learn some serious and others things?! level, how might raise? not level, what means outlet?
ming_t2010-04-12 12:23:16 +0000 #3
because the Chinese Football Association and the existence of CCTV, so hard out of Asia
FY Football2010-04-12 12:59:15 +0000 #4
Football environments and systems in China No ah. Not Chinese football not good seedling, but without good competition and training ladder, so seedling were aborted. If you do then Santrac Chinese national team coach, once the training will be designated a certain objective. Alas! ! ! Always Banded ah
zh198511152010-04-12 14:00:52 +0000 #5
There are many reasons. Words can not explain. The following is not my personal view.

First of all, start with the root causes, that is most true fans, and insiders who recognized a big problem - football environment.

That is the Chinese football is a fake, ugly, black breeding environment to grow up under. Why create this, I think it now inseparable from the social environment. But what the community into the ugly things in football, this is the institutional problem.

First of all, the environment also said that league - match-fixing, betting spread. From this phase of the league hitting news will see Black Whistle blowing, buy sell ball ball, match-fixing. It has been commonplace, coach, club owner sham. Is the common.

Young players train, this is the world's most important football countries. Those young players, determine the lifeblood of the national team the next few years. It is in this context that we, with a large populous country look very thin. Football population becomes scarce. That the next few years, China Football play the leading role of our people will be very small.

A pseudo-fan said that the Chinese players technical difference, awareness is poor, this is not a problem. Each regional players, have their own shortcomings, but also has its own characteristics. There are also strengths weaknesses, if we have a healthy environment, I would like to come Chinese football sooner or later, the

above is an overview of specific Sha reasons, had to go look up more than their own.
Angel_sun2010-04-12 13:00:25 +0000 #6
I think:

specifically, not red not in Asia, the progress of the successful 2001 World Cup in the 32 once since then not been to the World Cup.

These years for many reasons, one is their own reasons, (including league level, coaches, players, external environmental factors), there are opponents of the increase (Korea, Japan, Australia and many other strong teams in the continuous improvement of strength) .



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