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Waist muscle where? What's the use? ?

Wacky2010-04-12 12:11:51 +0000 #1

xingzi_lz2010-04-12 12:18:37 +0000 #2
should be the iliac (qia) psoas muscle.

Iliopsoas muscle from the iliac and psoas major muscle. Iliac muscle was fan-shaped, starting from the iliac fossa; psoas major muscle length form, starting at the side and the Lumbar transverse process. Consistency of the two muscles down through the inguinal ligament deep to end with a small rotor femur.

The main function of iliopsoas: proximal support, its pull is from the bottom up before it can thigh flexor contraction, whether in the thigh in running fast and high-including pre-swing and the speed of iliopsoas contraction and strength of a great relationship. In the distal support, the contraction of both sides of iliopsoas to the pelvis forward trunk flexion, and also running in the center of gravity for the positive completion of pre-delivery SLR under pressure to gain forward speed of movement to create a good conditions.

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