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Why should win South Korea's national football team?

Minimal change a Man2010-04-12 16:10:49 +0000 #1
Have not won for 32 years, why this year to win?
wangtanyu_392010-04-12 16:21:29 +0000 #2
Gangster menfolk Bie 32 years, finally have the opportunity to come to AV's hometown, three times a night shoot straight, and this reflects Gao Jun, a "high, really high," the spirit of the state, the first short time, 5 minutes on radio, and to use your head a bit on the ... ..., which should permit the Olympic team open house event on the 30-minute question why the second 20 minutes anxious time. Always fought for 45 minutes a break, He Koushui, bath gradually getting better. Dengzhuo Xiang is not the same young man, fought more than 60 minutes, the last shot of.
Chenmian shop2010-04-12 16:44:10 +0000 #3
for Soccer Team lonely
stone hammer Yong Shileikesa2010-04-12 16:48:59 +0000 #4
because Kunitari pure menfolk
┈ ┾ wild ゞ Xiangxi2010-04-12 17:51:51 +0000 #5
because of gambling, because the bribe players in Korea, so Korean players lend them a very simple ah
ra5456ug2010-04-12 16:39:10 +0000 #6
because Kunitari real man
ossobuco2010-04-12 17:50:55 +0000 #7
central e do not live as to force the
lythuigui2010-04-12 18:28:37 +0000 #8
by CCTV desperate
jinghai19912010-04-12 19:36:19 +0000 #9
Soccer Team would like to prove that they are a legend



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