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Terry Bridge tonight and shook hands with it? He would foul you get a license?

tiancaizhixing2010-04-12 16:12:16 +0000 #1
The following Weilianxier odds, I ask how did you think?

Manchester City team shake hands before the game no one with Terry 4.50

Manchester City all the players in the game against Chelsea wearing printed "Team Bridge" the words of T shirt 11.00

Bridge as the cards on the Terry foul 11.00

Terry and Wayne Bridge will shake hands at any time on Saturdays is 1.67


Terry has since eaten Bridge foul 11.00

Odds valid license on the premise that Bridge and Terry all the weekend's league starting line
do not remember2010-04-12 16:14:31 +0000 #2
Bridge do not want to enter the national team is normal.

However, Wright and his ilk have to crush small, and too good not to offend Terry!

Estimated Bridge will not start, starter will never shake hands.

Malicious foul and will not, Bridge not stupid.

In this case was contemptuous of Terry's Chelsea fans passing through ... ...
shewa53372010-04-12 16:36:10 +0000 #3
will not shake hands, do not get a license, even the pendulum will not swing Bridge Terry.

Terry recent state and its bad, or else Chelsea will not be Inter dry. England this year, another cause for concern.



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