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Van der Vaart is suitable to A m ah, the current waist waste in Real Madrid

7340400522010-04-12 17:10:49 +0000 #1

When the wind out of love2010-04-12 17:25:08 +0000 #2
In fact, he may go to Milan is also a significant turning point in his career the old

Clarence Seedorf Milan also need a suitable Frontal Milan van der Vaart has all the necessary conditions

Frontal and Milan during the reconstruction period Van der Vaart is not the old method of capability

Fan in Hamburg has been fully reflect the scope, but now place in Real Madrid Real Madrid gradually, or not to let him go that is hard to say. Although the price range will not be very expensive method.
Fulaiyin2010-04-12 17:40:19 +0000 #3
I think he is pretty good, and his physical well! Technology is good, it is peak time, where can!
MYSOLSKJEAR2010-04-12 17:36:59 +0000 #4
A meter to more waste!
White flags2010-04-12 17:32:31 +0000 #5
first popular in van der Vaart in Real Madrid but he hurt his re-see the recent correction under

1L van der Vaart's fitness is not good he is relying on technology and awareness of eating

AC Milan sensation He is not strong over the weak little he does not have an option right to the qualitative change
xuanren99992010-04-12 18:28:04 +0000 #6
of course, because the old Milan midfielder gradually.
FerrariAurea2010-04-12 20:05:43 +0000 #7
be diving not? Not, what does not fit, you see Ronaldinho eight goals in five points every week penalty fine.



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