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Today's date, and spell the most powerful football team?

happy9658742010-04-12 18:10:32 +0000 #1
HS_SaJia2010-04-12 18:13:01 +0000 #2
national team, personally think that Spain's powerful words ..

club, Barcelona, Chelsea

but these are empty words, saying that Spain will certainly be formidable this year's World Cup could get What? Said Barcelona, Chelsea severe They certainly could get the Champions League this year, Why? because of the unpredictability of football there are many places, injuries, psychological, referees, may change the outcome of the race, so there is no strongest ...
dark just2010-04-12 18:34:35 +0000 #3
v1p ° Program Policies frozen ミ ﹏2010-04-12 19:15:07 +0000 #4
Team: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands, France and so good.

Clubs: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan.
Ning INTER2010-04-12 18:37:08 +0000 #5
Oh Several other Floor seriously mentally also answer your landlord said the Chelsea since it is certainly the most powerful blue woven cotton up my blue fans not because I hate Man dog want to win this year's Blue Bar in Premier League However, there are always Puladini Champions League is pressing hard for the dog anyway, Keep up the good Long live WoW!!!
Dai flowers2010-04-12 19:58:32 +0000 #6
Although it is not like Brazil, but Brazil's strength in the world is not the first is a second, if to say that Spain is undoubtedly the most popular, each position has two or three stronger players, the core of Fabregas as Arsenal can only play off the bench in Spain, Capello led England strength was good personally think the next World Cup this year will be as other as the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, close to power.

Club side Chelsea and Barcelona have a strong
XUXINGZHONG2010-04-12 18:48:29 +0000 #7



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