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Some people say that Chelsea have giants inside information

Football District ignorance Timor2010-04-12 18:11:47 +0000 #1
ask the senior football area you stay in front of Chelsea fans Abu considered as giants do
tsb5062010-04-12 18:28:08 +0000 #2
Chelsea Noble in Abu entered the stretch before winning the last century, only once in the top league title (50's) position in the territory of English football as Villa, Everton, Tottenham, Leeds, Newcastle and other veteran Teams

but Chelsea's revival began from the nineties in several marshal Hoddle, Gullit and Vialli's coach, the team had to rely on a number of other league players known gas, such as Gullit, Hughes, Zola, Lebo Fu and so the team gains a sufficient continuous Total Cup, League Cup and Cup Winners Cup, the league can steadily into the top four, even Sharu 2000 Champions League quarter-finals, has entered the European Top Teams in the ranks of second-line, not only because the financial resources and Manchester United, Arsenal contend not enough to win the league title

But Houlanieli as coach in 2000, for various reasons, the team record marking time, not enough in the eyes of buying and selling players led the team a lot of debt (in England during this period Veteran Teams almost similar problems encountered more miserable as Leeds, Newcastle) called the situation improves the team's bad position to accelerate the acquisition of the Russian people buy from the introduction of Abu Mourinho, Drogba, Robben and cut He and other famous players rushed from a second-rate rise for the giants team Teams.
Fengan_20082010-04-12 18:58:50 +0000 #3
see relative which said,

of the Chinese soccer is concerned, it should be considered,

Abu entered the league before the season and Chelsea into the top four scores.

But for Europe in terms of old giants, when the Chelsea inexperienced ...
Y sunny J2010-04-12 18:22:22 +0000 #4
Noble Inside bluntly, for a long time is the envy of the rich, and then only a threat to their position, what giants, giants that money is not short of money, but money is not an economic crisis. . .

Said that no giants Chelsea heritage, as that is now the world's dominant culture, American as boring as long as the money did not have money, there have been many success take title, the so-called inside information will naturally come



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