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1733966822010-04-12 19:10:02 +0000 #1
I CNC I, to recommend a magician team (second team, alternate use), to complete a total of more than 200,000 do. Thank you.
apollo_inter2010-04-12 19:23:04 +0000 #2
first said it optional Tingzhi midfield, and recommend you for a few 2W to 3W's. More comprehensive as a result of Le (Udinese). Defensive type midfielder Marcos Senna (Spain), Hitzlsperger (Germany). Winger then try Barnetta (Switzerland), he is relatively cheap, there is the Brazilian national team of Andre Santos, Andres Guardado, Mexico, Netherlands Affile (very good). Danny in the avant-garde Portugal, Sweden, Kallstrom.

Words of Hertha Berlin goalkeeper inside the man called De Luobo can I used it about 8, 1000

forward it, a good combination of high and one fast, Rossi Italy roots Quagliarella. Kone Marseille. Florence's Adrian Mutu (I spent 2W5 bought, you can). All kind of like a shorter striker cheap, go for a search. Personally think that if the root of the computer, then play league short man with a very good striker, and not expensive.

Back: Race D (Turkey), Diaz (Argentina) Mani (Getafe) Wilma round (Arsenal), then guard it, I can not remember a few 1:30 partnership, and generally more can 1W get good.

I have just mentioned, some people within the basic I have used it pretty good, there is effort, then the players card markets in more than go shopping, many now 80 players left and right about it in 1,2 W.



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