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fifa online2 game problems

Hu Yu Shuai2010-04-12 19:10:50 +0000 #1
1. Macy's speed and acceleration are around 92, and a player not known for speed and acceleration are a 70 or so, but Lionel Messi and the player a speed and acceleration are not all filled the same? ? If you are the same, then why everyone loves a high speed and acceleration players do (not known). . .

2. Messi to play in Barcelona center is the right place, why in the game to set the right side of avant-garde it? ?
cnshinhwa2010-04-12 19:23:30 +0000 #2

The same speed under the premise of the more short height, weight lighter, faster to run up points.

With the physical conditions at the same speed, running as fast as been.

Speed and high speed players, move quickly, and the initial velocity is enough to use. Also the location of the yellow line is also important.

Such as Lionel Messi, the rate of about 3 to rise over, but speed and acceleration are around 70 or so players need more than 10 levels to rise to full speed. The need to rise a 6-10 game.

In fact, if the patient, also plans to hold a player has, you can buy relatively cheap, and the yellow line by the players after the practice slowly. Over the same basic training. However, some properties which are not reflected in the game, such as inverse foot precision, is fixed, look to see in Fifa stand-alone version.


Position have little impact in the game, you can no matter.

For more tips I've compiled a knowledge:

Fifa Online2 holy canon:
Flash 12010-04-12 19:57:50 +0000 #3
1. If the speed and acceleration increase after the initial high Di when all soon have another 99 of the other points to add to what one was added with Initial High's much better if the Su Duokuai Hao Duodian When can attack the slow pace of bypassing the Pangbian player

2. This is the game setting does not matter when you choose to put him right-center on it



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