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World number one you have in mind who? Do not say anything authoritative assessment of the

leaves were gone idle2010-04-13 11:10:41 +0000 #1

law-abiding good citizens2010-04-13 11:21:09 +0000 #2
Maradona Batistuta Massey
cjp_02010-04-13 11:17:05 +0000 #3
Maradona, Beckham, Kaka, Lionel Messi
lonely goal2010-04-13 11:57:26 +0000 #4
Bailey and Liefuyaxin

Others are not
zq01052222010-04-13 12:51:57 +0000 #5
crazy Atherstone2010-04-13 12:09:56 +0000 #6
I am a junior high school after 80 Serie A and Bundesliga start looking good now looked at several World Cup European Cup so many games, or think that two decades Ronaldo (Tai Law) is the number one most Niubi, Bailey again before it is powerful on, we did not experience that, but the ability of Romania we all know, speed, physical and more technical. I can say that the most admired football star in him.
Laugh round of Pigs2010-04-13 12:18:42 +0000 #7
Garrincha old Ma Meixi
wuleiyan1232010-04-13 13:03:47 +0000 #8





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