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What powerful and dominant? ? Thank you describe what specific Rights

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The striker from Bosnia and Herzegovina, has excellent physical condition and tactical qualities, in the last season, is joining hands with Grafite into 54 balls, creating a de A striker partner the most! ! ! Another team is a Bosnia and Herzegovina Frontal misimovic often send their exquisite pass, They partner made famous in the last season! ! ! Unfortunately, as Magath leave Schalke, the defending champion so far is only ranked 12th in the standings, I am a hardcore fan of Wolfsburg, is also a big fan dzeko really hope that he can out of current difficulties, regain its past king of style! ! ! ! ! I am the original, landlord own choice!
Milanbaby222010-04-13 15:58:07 +0000 #3
Chinese name: and dominant

English name: Edin DZeko

Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Place of Birth: Sarajevo

Date of birth: 1986-03-17

Height: 192CM

Weight: 80KG

sports: football
-owned sports teams : Wolfsburg

professional characteristics: forward

Number:: 9

and dominant in the Czech league to play in attracting outstanding Magath's attention, spend 4 million euros to sign, and its sign about contract period to 2011. Joined Wolfsburg in the 12 games he scored five goals, but not ideal to play the second half, the first Bundesliga season in 28 games into the 8-ball. And dominant this season, broke out, and the striker Grafite unstoppable form, the two goals of 54 balls also broke Gade - Muller and Uri - Hoeness in the 1972-73 season's record, the final Ones to help Wolfsburg Bundesliga title this season and dominant staged a hat-trick twice, first on May 2 points against Howard when Heim offer, which the top hat-trick he took only 13 minutes.

Despite playing in the Bundesliga last season had 28 games into the 8-ball fairly good data, but the 23-year-old Bosnian striker and dominant is that even European football Bundesliga this season, deserved the man of the hour. Tall and delicate and dominant technology to produce various events this season, 34 games into the 32-ball perfect report card, to help 沃尔夫斯堡登 top of the Bundesliga while, she also won the favor of Europe, a number of giants. AC Milan during the summer transfer is extremely close to the dominant factors, but the move ultimately bankruptcy, and dominant 09/10 season will continue to be effective in Wolfsburg.



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