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Vietnam's largest reservoir in which

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Peace Power

located about 70 Km southwest of Hanoi Office, established in 1979, 1988, the first generating unit, completed in 1994. Installed capacity of 8 units (8 × 24 万 Kw), the total installed capacity of 1.92 million Kw. Maximum height of 128 m, head 101.6 m, the total storage capacity of 9.45 billion m3, reservoir about 200 Km. From 1989 to 2002 has been silting 860 million m3, 67 million annual deposit m3. Estimates of dead storage (water level 80m below) may deposit for 55 years. As the peace power plant is the largest hydropower station in Vietnam, the status of important, therefore, the consequences of sedimentation and control measures more emphasis.



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