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Please Gaoren Udinese and Livorno Short Answer The relationship between

Jiangshan not change2010-01-17 18:01:21 +0000 #1
2009-11-25 16:25 supplementary question

both clubs have an ambiguous relationship between the
Jie Bar2010-01-17 18:15:08 +0000 #2
If you have to pull the relationship between points, or can give you a talk about the

Livorno coach now Cosmi had 05-06 Udinese coach last season, everyone should be familiar with Cosmi when he was coaching the effectiveness of Perugia during the Ma Mingyu

Livorno team there are two main Udinese had the past and experience Houwei Pi Ierini in 01-06 season with Udinese, probably played for close to 100 games, while Italy The new international, Qianyao Candreva Udinese this season and is also leased from the

other no particular relationship between the large



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