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Formation with a 433 difference between Milan and Barcelona's style of play and where, what advantag

battle Rainbow Country2010-04-14 07:12:10 +0000 #1

superzhang05062010-04-14 07:15:57 +0000 #2
Actually, I think, 433 and 442 as exists, it must have some truth. Including the past, many were eliminated formation and tactics, which does not exist a good or bad which will only exist which adapt to the team, which adapt to the times. Be eliminated because of the tactics and formation can not keep up with the rhythm of the times were discarded. European football is like today, 433 this tactic is not the most beloved team formation. Why? Because the 433 only three midfield formation. We know that the 433 formation will use three strikers, two wingers and one that is center, center for the former Field Road, the main defense and attack, while two wingers are more powerful pull side. Two wingers when necessary, also to participate in the defense. But the winger is called, their coverage is only bound to the wing, midfield The three regions in the number of activities is often passive. Therefore, the four will not go back of it, if in the midfield and the 442 team can equal, then their top three forwards in the attack is more like a person, natural offensive power surge. Landlord to say that Barcelona. Barcelona midfielder is being elected three Busques (or Yayatulei), two Frontal virtual certainty that Harvey and Iniesta. Why is Barcelona's 433 hit the fast, and the gorgeous glare? With Xavi and Iniesta because. Technical characteristics of both of them very suitable for Barcelona's 4-1-2-3 tactics, but also very suitable for this position. Xavi and Iniesta in the running to see to see if they get rid of retaining the ball-point, all in all, Barcelona's three midfield is very active. Why Busques recently to replace Yayatulei? That is because the technology relative to Busques Yayatulei be rough, when the ball is likely to result in losses of midfield. Barcelona lose the ball in midfield is very deadly. After giving up goals flew in the midfield to defense in general only three, two wingers a hard time come back, so Barcelona is very afraid that people play in the offensive. Barca's game we all know, often the ball is far more than rivals, in fact, I do not think that they are deliberately so, but because they can not afford mistakes, it must control the ball in his feet to seize the initiative themselves. 433 The winger is also the launching point offensive team, so Jingchan will see Macy inscribed in the sidewalk, and then and the two Frontal transposition, no doubt is to allow winger is also involved in the ranks of the ball, fully reduced disadvantages of three often. Do not know if there is no landlord to see the Champions League 1 / 8 final against Barcelona in Stuttgart, is a simple drag Iniesta top winger Henry, Iniesta Busques replace the original location, Yayatulei play one defensive midfielder, the whole Barcelona complete the chaos, and the first half very passive. Soon the second half, Iniesta Guardiola wise it back Frontal and put Henry to play Zuobian Feng, the situation began to improve and gain valuable goals.

Contrast, the current AC Milan, playing 433 I think is very irrelevant. Leonardo may have tasted the sweetness of a beginning, just as one doing so. But AC Milan in the hands of the current staff, the 433 does not fit. At first I said, no good, only it is appropriate. I want to say is that 433 is not suitable for AC Milan. Milan is now in the front court, only Borriello, Ronaldinho and Ambrosini played their formation where the location is reasonable and excellent. Any case, AC Milan's midfield is still the flavor of 442 residues that Ancelotti. See AC Milan formation is 4-2-1-3, midfielder slightly different from the Barcelona station method. But does not matter what, originally the distance to the near midfield trio, while formation will be changed from time to go. Ambrosini pass, Pirlo and Clarence Seedorf to see it. The two old people not and does not Harvey and Iniesta made. Pirlo's speed is very slow, running is not so positive, in fact, look at the front of his characteristics is the situation after the kick, is not running without the ball and coordinated action interspersed. Seedorf even mention the technology I can say that he and Harvey singled never underdogs, but sometimes he really too lazy to die. The most deadly was that bad when he states like clean sheets, this is very bad, has been said above, the. So AC Milan midfielder faced a strong point of the team a little, very passive. 433 AC Milan with the body, playing weak teams can and will play strong teams may very passive. Therefore, a large playing weak teams can play the score, playing very strong teams but can lose big score. 433 of the AC Milan is like a double-edged sword. I have always dreamed of Ancelotti Nazhi 2005, AC Milan, the 442 and now Barcelona 433PK look to see who is more powerful in the end of some. Milan is also the point of kill Nazhi, joked that often control the other party wants to abandon the race. Four midfielders and two strikers Milan striker of Barcelona three midfield three more cows who do
? Oh very interesting has been the YY to the present. . .

Ps: many people claim not to future Pato will become a superstar. Pato is a right winger? No. Is wingers Robben. Is winger Franck Ribery. Pato wants to become a superstar playing in this awkward position is overhanging. Avant-garde

David Beckham is on the right, not right wing. . .
Something good back ah2010-04-14 07:47:31 +0000 #3
Barcelona and AC Milan are pursuing the ball and good at handling the ball, the same formation is 433, if a distinction must be, I would rather say: Guardiola and Leonardo in the hands of people of different .

Barcelona staffing a purely technical type of configuration, this squad, everyone can point, the former site of three of the midfield at least two people, plus two full backs are able to break through the ball, In fact, this is the best way to deal with intense defense, but can not do without Ronaldinho AC Milan fundamental breakthroughs, including the threat of Pirlo free kick, but unfortunately, AC Milan did not and could not find the second person to do such things.

The face of small space, Barcelona's players individual ball pass break after tearing space may also be running up the whole collusion, pass a continuous movement of tear each other, resulting in opportunities for mistakes the other stations, while AC Milan what? More scenes to make the players stand in the other zones of the periphery Daojiao, forced by the other party returned the ball back to re-organization, such point for the other party is not lethal, but they can not do in Barcelona by can do, say, Barcelona defense in the middle of tearing each other's space, and AC Milan can only use the space given by the other party, in addition to the physical, some aged players can not do in the running of collusion, AC Milan's passing led to all "stops dead ball."

Just do not have a good car, Schumacher still not get the title as the difference between officers on the scene led to two different teams.
E2blackcat2010-04-14 07:58:00 +0000 #4
ls analysis quite well, Milan, Barcelona did not staffed well, Barcelona is when the basic beat Milan players and are veterans, and midfielder Andrea Pirlo in addition to not pass on the good players, like Barcelona has Harvey, white, etc.. Barcelona players can both pass break, but Milan can break the players much. Ambrosini and Gattuso midfield only for basic defense
yangguo8672010-04-14 07:25:07 +0000 #5
Milan and Barcelona are the pursuit of the ball type play, but because the two teams differ staffing, Milan is not a mere 433 more ranged between 433 and 4231, Borriello single tip, Ronaldinho, West Haven, Pato (Beckham) to support its two lumbar Pirlo and Amb (Gattuso), but Pirlo attack Strongly defending the weak, which means that the former field player (Beckham is) to always come back to help defend; Barcelona midfielder different with dual-core Harvey and strong control by Nie Sita, a former field Trident attack by efficient ( There are frequent side back forward runs) to the other pressures, as well as Barcelona's defense no pressure to pay more attention to Barcelona's 433 point attack, Milan as personnel issues, Barcelona bench thickness is not strong in terms of relatively more attention must be after defense. Both advantages are strong attack, and defense on the weak (Barcelona midfielder's powerful because of Seoul did not reflect the point). so it is easy to be hit counter



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