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Seek World Cup history, the largest gap score

battle Rainbow Country2010-04-14 08:10:09 +0000 #1

distant San Siro2010-04-14 08:17:47 +0000 #2
race stage: the 1982 World Cup group match in El Salvador, Hungary 10:1

qualifiers: 2002 World Cup Oceania qualifiers Australia 31:0 America is Samo A
bow and2010-04-14 08:25:45 +0000 #3
World Cup, the most poor score

Hungary 10 to 1 victory in El Salvador (1982 World Cup)

originally represented the highest level of competition around the world - World Cup finals, the score is almost the appearance of little disparity, but in the 1982 World Cup in the third group match in El Salvador, Hungary, China is a war in El Salvador was about to lose the game 10 to 1 . First half of Hungary into three balls just did not expect the second half Mageyasi suddenly angry, mad torn El Salvador's back line, scoring two goals in a very short period of time. Pinches his teammates is not weakness, even though he is off the bench, but it became the first World Cup hat-trick off the bench, but with the short time No one else can.

But Nevertheless, the two teams still have missed out the next stage of the game, no way, and their team is the same group defending champion Argentina, the team of new and old No. 10 - Diego Maradona and Kempes blessing for them to resist it? Another is the 1980 European Cup runner-up, is that the tournament's dark horses Belgium. But to create World Cup history, only a double-digit scores, and their presence can be considered worthwhile.

World Cup qualifier of the most poor score of 31 to 0

Australian won the U.S. is Samo A (2002 World Cup qualifier)

April 11, 2001, just two days before the Australian team in team in Tonga poke 22 holes in him mad, and create a gap between the international soccer scores the most records, once again shocked the world. And American Samoa in the match scored 31 goals, FIFA confirmed the record the next day. American Samoa in the last column in the FIFA rankings (No. 203), 95% of the players in the country without U.S. passport, and therefore did not qualify for the national team average age of only 19 years old, the youngest only 15 years old. Australia by 16 to 0 first half lead, the end of the second half, the scoreboard operator overcharged a ball, the score was 32 to 0, but after FIFA confirmed by examination of 31 to 0.

Australia's Thompson also created a team single-game scoring record, is served he scored 13 goals. 10 minutes to open a corner of Australia, the first national team appearances 鲍茨安尼斯 nearly shot scored the first ball, in March for driving his car in the 1998 armed robbery was sentenced to escape the car fine, he then completed a hat-trick, the effectiveness of the German first division club team 兹德里利奇 Hing Weng Teja scored eight goals are, but also the number of the most glorious Thompson, playing in the domestic league national team, he had only one goal, the first half, he had 8 break.

After the match led to a controversy, there is a voice recognized by most people: This game is actually a blow for football, qualifying set to avoid or reduce this embarrassment.



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