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FIFAONLINE2 lineup, are there any room for improvement (the internal root out the can), I only 50W o

vaykor2010-04-14 09:10:19 +0000 #1
is selected (replacement)

Goalkeeping: Shay (Howard)

in back: Scott Er + Ivan (Dunn)

right back: Richard Zi (Keerluka)

left back: Jamie Carragher (Bell)

waist: Javier Mascherano (Alan Smith)

around cutting edge: Law Bignaud + Kranjcar (Lennon, Pennant, Bentley)

Frontal: Small Act (Modric)

Forwards: Wayne Rooney + Gilardino (Defoe, Robbie Keane)

I play the Spurs, should also brush the stars
I am a gold G2010-04-14 09:24:53 +0000 #2
I suggest you look for a small law and Robinho

there is you better withdraw Gilardino down and replaced by Benzema (Real Madrid)
Yan Qiu fans Ⅱ2010-04-14 09:30:01 +0000 #3
Ooowwwg2010-04-14 09:39:19 +0000 #4
Lennon to play starting, Kranjcar replacement, staffing can only be considered general, the proposed another powerful right-back point!



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