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Maradona World Cup finals with 86 goals you

King 232010-04-14 14:10:37 +0000 #1

no culture so terrible?2010-04-14 14:13:36 +0000 #2
Not, so every time saying what Maradona handedly win is all blown out of racing fans, Maradona strong, but far from the point to his own power. Winner takes all, because in the end Argentina won, so no one will remember the final of his poor performance. If Argentina did not win, estimated that he and the 98 years that Ronaldo end up in Brazil as being Masi
D0llENA2010-04-14 14:34:37 +0000 #3
no goals
dreams of touching2010-04-14 14:43:17 +0000 #4



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