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2014 World Cup held in that?

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Brazil ah
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in five World Cup champion Brazil, host to allow soccer and samba, beer, beach, beautiful blend of organic, fans from around the world While enjoying the World Cup, but also the way to explore the mysteries about the formation of the Kingdom of football ... ... no matter what point of view, this is a great idea, and the most attractive point is that all this will be in 2014 reality.

Preparation time for 11 years

March 17, CONMEBOL in the Board meeting held in Asuncion, Paraguay, 10 Member States agreed to by the representatives of Brazil, South America, as the only candidate to host the 2014 World cup. Before this, FIFA has decided the right to host the World Cup rotation in all continents, from the 2014 World Cup South American country hosted the 2014 World Cup, so we have basically settled in Brazil, after a lapse of 64 years, the Kingdom of Brazil Soccer will eventually reach a second World Cup.

On Brazil as the sole representative of the bid to host the 2014 World Cup, South American football three strong man, as a FIFA executive committee member of the main Xilaiaosi CONMEBOL, Brazil and Argentina Football Association Football Association main Xitexiela main Xige Long Dona have voted in favor. Leos said: "Today is a red letter day." Said the Brazilian football association Xitexiela: "We have enough time, other countries, preparations for the World Cup only six years, but we do have 11 years to prepare this World Cup. We are confident that the history of this World Cup accomplishing the perfect time. "

Despite winning the World Cup five times, but only in 1950, Brazil hosted the World Cup. After hosting the 1994 World Cup, Brazil lost to the United States, the 2010 World Cup, held in Brazil this proposed application, and the FIFA inspection team went to visit Brazil, but the right to host FIFA decided to give African countries, Brazil's final exit, turn supported the South African bid.

For the CONMEBOL's decision, Brazil is also well received. Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira said: "won five times by the football World Cup the Kingdom to host the World Cup, but this decision is just another of the." And his partner, Brazil marshals Zagallo also could not conceal his joy: "2014 will certainly be 200 million Brazilian fans in the Maracana stadium cheered 'Brazil is the champion! Brazil is the champion!'" Brazil's former star, now national team coach Zico Japan said, "has long been host to the World Cup by Brazil, we have organized the world's most important event of all the conditions."

host cycle plagued Brazil host the 2014 soccer World Cup in Brazil is the favorite the people of the highest reward. In 1950, the Brazilian held the first World Cup after World War II. Europe undone, the Americans are not quite interested in football, love football, Brazil is the only bid for 1950 World Cup in the country, it is generous enough to accept the World Cup in mind.

For the 1950 World Cup, Brazil's fans showed great enthusiasm. All 22 games of 130 million people to the site to watch an average of 60,772 per game with the audience, which even today is also not a low figure. 1950 World Cup hosts Brazil played a total of six games, five games is the largest in the world, Maracana stadium, which is five games each audience of 10 million people. The final to Uruguay, the official statistics is 17.383 million viewers, but if you count both sides of the hill in the stadium of fans, estimated as many as 200 000.

1950 World Cup may not be held in the history of the most successful World Cup, but it certainly left the deepest impression on the Brazilian World Cup. Brazil advance to the finals aspirations for championship has become a foregone conclusion and it seems even the Brazilian media before the start of the game is not out of the newspaper reports in Brazil's win, but the Uruguayan was the second Brazilian to win nothing, the Maracana, the Brazilian crying.

2014 World Cup held in Brazil, the football is also a test of the Kingdom of the absolute, because there is a need to Brazilians themselves out of the cycle of children. Germany, Italy, France, England, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, in addition to the five highest things, those who took the World Cup championship team in their own house exposed his face. Already missed the opportunity in 1950, Brazilians now easily get the right to host the 2014 World Cup, 11 years of preparation time, Samba Corps will not easily give up this opportunity in the home win.
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