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Inter Milan star now what?

Clickoneclick2010-04-14 20:12:21 +0000 #1

tnnd745la2010-04-14 20:20:02 +0000 #2
a lazy day, before I made the paste came off, was 3 to 0 in the Inter dish, after Cagliari lost hair, question/136914262.html

buddies original ah, playing for an hour, Zhen Lei, judge by Inter's players still very pleased.


1 Toldo, Italy, mainly in the Italian Cup play, and the Juve game made a mistake, missed the ball the next stall, but this bench is highly competent.

12 Julio Cesar main, the world's top five

22 Orlandoni Champions Italy mainly have their own restrictions on the players, Orlandoni but one of the few Italian Inter

guard: 13 Mai Kong and Brazil the main force right back. Could have been the world's best right back, but generally played this season, when the state of the weaker teams at random, but still strong teams playing time and is still very serious, Maicon Inter attack or one of the main points, especially for top teams .

39 Thornton main Italian left-back now. And Baluoteli known as young supernova, to be honest, I was Inter fans, but I do not see how good the defense also so-so right, assists very positive, but often lose the ball, this error has more to play is not too stable, in my opinion is much stronger than the peers, but in the Italian moderate. But Thornton is also a good psychological quality, not the business for a little stage fright when playing in Milan. There is also his girlfriend blew a Baluoteli sexual partners, RI, Thornton is the strong psychological quality

25, the main force in the Argentine defender Walter Samuel. Rock left this season, Lucio-right. Play a very stable, yesterday to play Cagliari also into a header, there are also games into the winning goal when the center added-on time.

6 卢西奥巴西 main central defender. 800W bought, value. The gods had CM0304, 1600W, is now playing on the break, ha! Header very strong niche that has good speed also, almost defensive awareness than Cordoba, but also not bad, that is foul points. It is worth mentioning is that point guard in the middle is very strong, often ball-line.

2 main substitute defender Cordoba, Colombia. Played starting yesterday, stare too Matri Meipi Qi, very strong. However, the increase with age, physical decline is inevitable, this little faster on the C2 is not a good spirit of the players, but the Pharaoh is strong Bi Milan too much.

23 Materazzi of Italy defender off the bench. My favorite Marco, played little this season, but performed well in the field Baodaobulao, last week kicked Cup play well, the presence of regular teaching Baluoteli and Thornton. Materazzi is a friend of one of the few Baluoteli. In fact, more suited to the spiritual leader of nag, think about how he played Zidane.

26 Chivu of Romania left back / central defender. Main left-back has been playing, play is also a good central defender, who is the main defender of Rome, was injured last month, very serious, it is estimated the season reimbursed. But Ye Hao, no less than how he exercises Thornton? Chivu's assists that is not very positive, great age, and speed, physical fitness can not keep up. This season's defense is not how, always keep up with rivals. Hey, who is ...... 1-30 and captain who, like cattle X is really small.


4 Javier Zanetti of Argentina left / right back, left / right half, midfielder, cattle it, Tiger Balm, what position are strong, this is our captain, 37 years old this year, I feel Gu forward should be able to mention 40. A model of professional players, super iron man, has been more than two seasons (can not remember a few seasons) played continuously, and a league decline, meaning not being replaced (Baluoteli very depressed), not being ban (Baluoteli very depressed), no injuries (Chivu is depressed). Assists yesterday, the first goal (though not directly assists). Right now the main force midfield.

19 Esteban Cambiasso Argentina's main defensive midfielder. Inter fans in the eyes of Marcus Camby is a God, but not a strong play this season, with Mourinho's play about. Defensive task too. However, the running of this big bald guy is multi.

8 Motabaxi waist. General left, be main bar, but often change; be lower back bar, defense can not keep up; be tissue-type bar, and passing shots too small; a meter eighty a few of the big man it is unfortunate that injuries addition of . Mota is not worth buying anyway, I think it's 1800W, La Liga Cao Ge, the Inter Milan midfielder has become technical.

10 斯内德荷兰 main Frontal. Inter Sneijder really lucky, if he really did not lose too play Inter. In fact, he quite general organizational skills, happens to Inter Milan on strong; his strength is his long-range, it just turns into a few long shots at Inter, free kick Daoshi into a few. This can be said that he was a born and prepared for the Inter. Is to eat a license put in more, a red card on the 2, and injuries are a bit frequent.

5 Stankovic Serbia and Montenegro played Frontal less this season, playing more defensive midfielder. Last time I said Inter midfielder a good friend, Stan organizations do have time, I wanted to strangle him. By, a Cao Ge, pass not, plug in very powerful long-range, defensive very positive, commendable spirit, professionalism is not bad. Unhealed injuries.

11 蒙塔里加纳 SB 1, his agent and a person Mourinho, Massimo Moratti is to cheat money, 1600W, is now estimated that less than a certain value 600W's. Stan Cao Ge just said that Muntari is Cao Ge in Cao Ge, defense was not very good offensive even not very good, more than foul, but why Mourinho also like to use him, and relations between iron Bai.

17 more to buy the midfielder mariga Kenya, in 1987, yesterday on the 10 minutes, good, strong technical Bustin, defense Bi Mengta in strong, older than Cambiasso strong potential Bucquois Alvarez Ma Qiang, or Kenyans, physical certainly good, is not very expensive, I think it is very good.

7 Quaresma in Portugal and Montana, as the same broker, and Mourinho a person (Mendes), he cheated Moratti 2250W. Zhesi not Cao Ge, but not as good as Montana, the attack not, defense is more impossible, the annual salary is higher, 350W, not sold and bought, he's not walking the dog RI. Garbage in the garbage.

15 Corcin Slovenia midfielder. Like Mourinho are the type of diligent and good management, is no talent.


22 D-Milito Argentina I wanted, 2200W bought a 30-year-old striker not worth, but now I find that really too much the value of the TMD. Personally think is the best striker in Europe to play one.

27 Pandev of Macedonia come for free, true value. Point first-class, first-class pass, can score. His organizational skills are precisely the extreme shortage of Inter. Pandev is Inter's youth academy before the product finally came back.

9 Eto'o of Cameroon barely passed, not many goals, annual salary of super high, 1000W, no way, sell Ibrahimovic to add the first, or else can not deal, this replacement for Ibrahimovic who he is, but now look, Milito is. But the key moments can make a difference. The other, Eto'o has extensive experience in the war in Europe.

45 Baluoteli talented young Italian, the problem teenager, I used to think he was Inter's hopes, it now appears that he is a typical sword of Damocles, play a really strong, but he thought too immature always do people hate him, and anyway I do not like him more and more. Undeniably, his potential super-huge.

89 阿诺托维奇 Austria rented. Beginning of the season is said to Pato type of genius, but Mourinho has not been appreciated, the rumors will be returned in winter, but now stay at Inter. But I do not think how, goals, and heavy ball is not strong impression no characteristics.

28 Norwich midfielder Steva, J-20 midfielder Obi, 51, goalkeeper Beilai Qi, I do not see how they play, not evaluation. Xie Hui played for a long time.
Deer wolf dragon boat2010-04-14 20:52:21 +0000 #3
No Name English nationality, date of birth, year of the original club worth joining


goalkeeper Francesco Toldo Francesco Toldo £ 1600 in 2001 in Florence, Italy 1971.12.02 12 Júlio César Julio Cesar Flamengo, Brazil 1979.09.03 2005

21 Paul 罗奥兰多尼Paolo Orlandoni Piacenza, Italy 1972.08.12 free transfer in 2005 to 51 维迪贝莱克 Vid Belec Youth Training Camp 2008 Slovenia 1990.06.06


2 Ivan Cordoba of Colombia Iván Córdoba 1976.08.11 2000 San Lorenzo 16 million Euro 4 Javier Zanetti (C) Javier Zanetti Banfield, Argentina 1973.08.10 free transfer in 1995 to 6 Lucio Lúcio Brazil 1978.05.08 2009 Bayern 8 million Euro to 13 Maicon Douglas Maicon of Brazil 1981.07.26 Monaco 6 million Euro in 2006 to 23 Marco Materazzi Marco Materazzi Perugia, Italy 1973.08.19 5.6 million Euro in 2001 to 25 Waertesa Muel Walter Samuel of Argentina 1978.03.23 Real Madrid 16 million Euro in 2005 to 26 Cristian Chivu Cristian Chivu Romania 1980.10.26 Rome 16 million Euro in 2007 to 39 David Thornton Davide Santon Italy 1991.01.02 2009 Youth Training Camp

midfielder Dejan Stankovic Dejan Stankovic 5 Serbia 1978.09. Lazio 4 million Euro 112 004 7 Ricardo Quaresma Ricardo Quaresma Porto, Portugal 1983.09.26 2008 8 蒂亚戈莫塔 18 million Euro Thiago Motta, Brazil 1982.08.28 2009 Genoa 15 million Euro to 10 韦斯利斯内德 Wesley Sneijder Netherlands 1984.06.09 Euro 2009 Real Madrid 15 million to 11 Sully * Muntari Sulley Ali Muntari, Ghana 1984.08.27 2008 Portsmouth 16 million Euro to 15 雷内科尔辛 Rene Krhin Slovenia 1990.05.21 2009 Youth Training Camp

19 Esteban Cambiasso Esteban Matias Cambiasso, Argentina 1980.08.18 Real Madrid a free transfer in 2004 to 17 McDonald's mariga MacDonald Mariga Kenya 1987.04.04 2010 Parma Total

forward 9 Samuel Eto'o Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon 1987.03.10 2009 Barcelona 22 Diego Milito Diego Milito, Argentina 1979.06.12 2009 Genoa 25 million Euro to 27 Golan Pandev Goran Pandev Lazio Macedonia 1983.07.27 2010 free transfer 45 Mario Balotelli Mario Balotelli Italy 1990.08. 122 006 350 000 Europe lumezzane 89 马尔科阿诺 Bulatovic Arnautovic Marko Austria 1989.4.19 2009 Twente lease
mryanzheng2010-04-14 20:47:26 +0000 #4
Operators of the world-class should be the star goalkeeper Cesar

Houwei Mai Kong 卢西奥齐沃 Stankovic Zanetti

midfielder 坎比亚索斯内德 striker Samuel Eto'o

some other players not as good as the reputation These players (such as 米利托巴洛 Terry, etc.), but players also can say is, after all, the influence of Inter Milan is a great



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