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Brazil set the ball past master of what is his name?

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Brazil dribbling master's name?
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Ronnie take Jinxue2010-04-14 21:48:21 +0000 #4
Denilson - de - Oliveira (Denilson De Oliveira)

Place of Birth: Brazil

Field Previous Position: Forward

birth: August 24, 1977

Height: 176cm

Weight: 68kg

Number: 99

caps: 61

team goals: 10 to effect the club are: Greece, Kavala Team

played for the club: Atletico Madrid Real Betis Bordeaux Flamengo Sao Paulo FC Dallas MLS team Palmeiras 伊图比亚拉 Vietnam Haiphong

Honours: World Cup runner-up to 1998


America's Cup winner Sao Paulo state championship in 1998


1997 CONMEBOL Cup Americas Cup 2002 World Cup

Denilson was the world's most expensive footballer. Denilson is a talented left foot will be in Brazil World Cup coach Zagallo has praised Brazil's football history, he is the best Zuobian Feng, and Na Baxi football legend Garrincha the functional and the right wing of the the comparison, it is undoubtedly very high marks from Denilson.

Denilson is also the same as the number of Brazilian football legend was born poor, was brought to play in the streets do rag ball. He was 13 years old Sao Paulo, Brazil soccer team phase, and the age of 17 had the honor to accept the Brazilian marshal Santana's instructions, and greatly enhanced skills to participate in Qatar under the age of 20, held the World Youth Championships, in the race burst on the scene edge. November 1996 Denilson in the 2-0 victory over Brazil in the match against Cameroon, the first appearance, from the Brazilian national team is a frequent visitor to reserve status at the 1998 World Cup in France, though infrequent appearances, but with excellent physical, life-like dummy, especially signs extraordinary action, "riding a bicycle", attracted the eyes of many European clubs.

World Cup, the Spanish team Real Betis amazing record 34.6 million U.S. dollars in the astronomical sign Denilson, but in Spain, Denilson was mediocre, the fans and the media blamed frequent. Denilson has never been a football savior, but only a great football player. He faced criticism that can be treated calmly, gradually recover the state, on the soccer field to show a good player should do. In the Sydney Olympic Games, Denilson has enough chance to prove itself. 2005 local time on August 23 in France, French Bordeaux club's official website announced that they reached agreement with Real Betis, Denilson Bordeaux officially signed a one-year short-term contract

in the football world, this person is an absolute alternative. His maverick, the kind of football he stubbornly anachronistic understanding of the unique, and his career ups and downs, lift ups and downs, people have to think deeply. He is Brazilian star Denilson, the Brazilian national team has been wearing jersey No. 10, had more than 30 million U.S. dollars to create sky-high price of a genius move! Once, he was so a spark endless charm. However, just two or three years during which he was already fading out of the focus of the world outside of football is no longer the most popular top line star. This man, if only one is the night-blooming cereus, was already going slowly forgotten by people! Those who saw him play in person will deny that Denilson is indeed a genius, unparalleled genius. Between him and the football has a kind of innate understanding though. Harmonization of his ball technology is extremely skilled. He was on the pitch the ball like a dance, a wonderful gesture, dummy ghost unpredictable, changeable. Is coincident with the sounds of nature even if there is in the long mystery of a strange unknown music beat, making a kind of shock the world of dance. Denilson's sad but precisely because he is only a weak dancer, not a blood and iron men. He came to pitch the only purpose is to demonstrate through their own dance to the world football art - to be exact is dribbling art, he is an absolute aestheticism, he is only pursuing the realm of beauty, He is only loyal to the United States, this is his only criteria. In his mind, only the United States is the supreme art of football, but on the side of everything, including the outcome, he thought that all that is not important, not worth the care. So he dancing in a dream of the green, dancing, waving his long, slim legs of elastic dancing until the final and complete loneliness. Transfer from the high price the Spanish Real Betis, then was banished to Turkey's newly promoted, Denilson's failure represents a failure of good football, Denilson samba style of art too fragile, lack of vitality, not doomed In the harsh reality of football in the world to survive.

June 2, 2009, the Brazilian star Denilson Haiphong in Vietnam show the ball. Was worth the world's first Brazilian player Denilson will join the league in Vietnam, Haiphong Vietnam, team effectiveness. Denilson is the 2002 World Cup winning Brazilian team members played for Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Spain's Real Betis, as well as France, Saudi Arabia and the United States club.


1995 St. Paul League season 41 games / 3 goals

1996 Sao Paulo league season 18 games / 3 goals to 1997, Sao Paulo league season 14 games / 0 goals

1998-1999 season, a Royal Tony Pettis Grade League 35 games / 2 goals

1999-2000 Royal Tony Pettis League season 32 games / 3 goals

2000 season, 11 games 3 Flamengo League Ball

2000-2001 season, Tony Pettis Royal League 21 games / 2 goals

2001-2002 season, Tony Pettis Royal League 34 games / 3 goals

2002-2003 Royal Tony Pettis League season 25 games / 2 goals

2003-2004 season Class Royal Tony Pettis League 29 games / 2 goals

2004-2005 Royal Tony Pettis League season 10 games / 0 goals

2005-2006 season, 31 league games of Bordeaux / 3 of the ball

the 2006-2007 season 阿尔纳萨尔 League 15 games / 3 goals
wangyu02062010-04-14 22:27:56 +0000 #5
Denilson has left the League of the United States. Brazilian genius of that year after being bought Betis, hit, unfortunately not always able to give full play to their potential Spanish. 1999/2000 season, Betis brutally demoted, Denilson on loan to Flamengo in Brazil. In 2005, Betis will be sold to the French Denilson Porto, only one-year contract. Because the salary could not agree on a free transfer after the end of the season in Saudi Arabia Al-Nasr. Played only 15 games after Denilson to the United States Major League Soccer team FC Dallas. February 2008, Denilson of Brazil Palmeiras 1 year contract, coach Luxemburgo hopes to inspire his team can help win. He wore jersey No. 19. Now she unemployment
fredautoparts2010-04-14 22:36:36 +0000 #6
Denilson left foot



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