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1994, Shenhua squad

ronnie8005222010-04-14 21:10:37 +0000 #1
94 years 95 years can be
deer wolf dragon boat2010-04-14 21:15:06 +0000 #2
only to find 95-year:

1, Cai Jianlin, born in 1965, Goalkeepers

Career Guide light durable, Cai brother 92 only began to succeed, and unfortunately 94 years, his first reaction class, the second second-rate response, pre-judgment station is good, action is free, but easy to get rid of the old, the total flow was difficult to top the domestic hall, also is accused of grass by mistake door . 95 high to the Code of Practice good first, no superior to others, but the second brother on the CAI, mistakes more so, and bid farewell to the main position. Emmanuel even 96 years now, 97 years on the beach goalkeeper fight back the dignity, 98, flashed the beginning, he returned to coach seats, and old, old, ... ...

2, YAO Jun, born in 1969 , right back

crazy right wing assists, sidewalks, and Liu Jun tacit silence, defense and Wu Bing twin towering. However, the total draw the line passes poor level of attainment, the total loss in the coarse-bit card is not rigorous, action, big, red, yellow, the king. Genbao with more robust than his little old man Suosa, or small Adi Zhu Qi, he had no words to say. However, we should not forget that he was right field off of assists in the storm was the most enthusiastic assists backs, with Jun Li and Wei Qun than he was "convergence."

3, Cheng Yaodong, born in 1967, in the back, left back

"Jackie Chan" Start sophistication, you may not like his style, but can not deny its effective.

4, Wu Chengying, born in 1975, left guard

94 years, a young bull calf gotta play 95 years is also a time when assists indomitable guy. Although he was the technical movements also seem unfamiliar, but the other side of the extraordinary posture smooth mature Ironic Gaibu Diao and fixed his mind the soft underbelly of poor awareness Xiao Wu has not been. Thus, Xiao Wu began fortune ... ...

5 Fan Zhiyi, born in 1969, central defender, midfielder, AMC, forward

"Fan General" 94 years is the most league goals guard, 95 years against Sichuan into the diving-hoisting is still fresh and new starting position on the premise of Guangzhou, and finally he simply playing the striker, then, the way to Jin Xue, golden goal took it together. From the Asian Football Hall of Fame had to accept the lightning temper of the Chinese people.

6, Chen Wei, 1968, left half, AMC, waist

then Dwarf tiger, he and Weihua had the same situation: got an appendicitis, the location was lost. However, he left 95 years ago, followed by the championship's taste taste and talk, and then Spring Festival had finished and went to report to the Yu Garden, people get really good luck.

7, Vasily, 1966, AMC

俄罗斯斯米纳 the club he almost blew into Karpin. But some agitated, and the road to Beijing that field, and Jiang Bin hit heads down and carried forward the spirit of Paul, Touchan bandages, still such a big man, and Jun Lu Zheng Ding. However, on technical and tactical appreciation of the total step further than Xu Genbao point, soon came back.

8, Zhang Yong, born in 1975, forward, left half

he was drafted a year ago, the hard workaholic son by the sense of crowding out than he is placing a 10 cm high, technology not bad Jia-Ping Zhang, 94 years, also by the sense of momentum and grab weapons out in the general flying, shot before a dazzling variety of Hai-Feng Cheng get chance. 95 years of FA Cup at home in Tianjin, was Feichan twice, was flying kicking (Shi Lian Chi) a, be walked once (Huo Jianting), but also stood up, catching up with Seiya. In fact, family on his feet or some stuff is, and just have the same weaknesses and Ironic.

9, Qi Hong, 1976, born striker, AMC

what Venus Korea, the road to Beijing, the specter of a camel thin film flash twice. When the FA Cup when they travel to Tianjin, the suffocating two goals as the bomb hit, like glass marbles, was also broken gates ... ... From then on Dalian team until 2004 before the team from the local to the national team every year So you can see a thin, do not know how running, and put the ball into the opponent's goal crunching, and the other was still bewildered goalkeeper and defender.

10, Liu Jun, born in 1970, right half, AMC 97

In addition to the Top Ten in late autumn is the sadness of his few bright spots in the national team, the other times, will always be a Liu Jun appearance, but it will never fail. If the team playing crazy, he never was the most glorious; if the team weak, then only he will be strong until the last second.

11, Li, born in 1967, forward

then, Hongkou Stadium inside, to make an inappropriate analogy, the people of Shanghai to see him, just like people to see Baggio Brescia. Kuwait has a dream about the goalkeeper will be afraid of him. That year, but 95 ... ... but the drums hepatitis palm to, people in 2002 Hai Ba A A stirred the sea and turn it covered river.

12 Gu Mingqing, 1976 students, the back

when the pole is tall and thin, has not played, 96 teams went on to Pudong altogether, and finally mixed Lianshu so years.

13, Mao Yijun, born in 1970, in the back, right back

This is a tall, but has any punches either. But Genbao a soft spot for him, and finally, 95 years of FA Cup at home in Tianjin that field, spine hard up children, soybean child into copper peas, from a meteoric rise.

14 Shen Si, born in 1973, left half, AMC

"super supplement" left foot free kick. Shen Si - Xu Genbao, and similar stories repeated time and again, Shen Si still in, another main character for another change. Us what to say it, Shen Si ah, who has made you "Shanghai man" qualities so important ... ...

15, Wu Bing, 1968, in the back, lower back

From a "softer foot of living" workers team up to half-a A strong teams to sit tight in the main, to wear printed with "China" in the words in white, rural areas now need to get to work easily master the workers must have spread about his story.

16, Zhu Jiong, born in 1973, left back, left half, AMC

he was little more than Shen Si, but his bravery; him the ball of the same skill, but simple. But never out his best, just under the back of torture injuries. However, this party is worth every respect model.

17 Chang, born in 1973, forward, right-garde

a grade in the fight against weak competition, he is absolutely a technical stream, stream of consciousness. But he seems to have no "development" is good, also injured in the silent final farewell. Not forget, he is also able to corner people who directly entered the goal.

18 Zhu Qi, born in 1974, in the back, right back, lower back, right half

When he looks to be set format in the "nobility," we do not value him that Xu Genbao. Olympic team when he was disciplined clubbing night, we thought that Xu Genbao will despise him. But he is firmly maintain the position, and then more and more to spend the first 98 years or even inside the national team lineup, Horton liked him. But 99 years seems to head faint, and in 2000 went to Sichuan to go, and then recovered from his wounds more time than training: how become taken for a ride the Sichuan team. Slipped back in 2000 had a meeting Crab House ... remember what song ... can not read this one.

19 Liuning Yu, 1976 students, in the back, lower back

Shenhua construction team early, "19" jersey was always no, Genbao despise beautiful feet but did not adapt his method of "competing force Wai "and JIANG Jian-ming, Xiao Jiang to the Grand fell into place. Weihua appendicitis leave of absence, but also by the Dashun, and 95 years altogether on the bar in there. Hai-Feng Cheng 94 was idle for a year, has repeatedly praised the recent concept of Xu Genbao forward. 95 years Dashun A B team took a tie for Jin Xue. Liu Ningyu face a lot of overlap in the location, or back to main youth team it dry. 96 years come back, hey, I wear a 7, how? Zhao was born in 1978 and then Ting, Li Wei 1, nowhere, going through the motions. Final 97 began, a Baosteel to the young man called Li Chengming put on this jersey number is not popular to have been worn to the present.

20 Xie Hui, born in 1975, forward

94 years, he knocked over Niubi of Zhen-Jie Wang's fingers off. 95 years of rain in Sichuan, he was famous ... ... then his story than any one level higher than his people are rich ... ... Now in 2005, 2006, his sentence would also like to play for the national team, fall was such a like an old party member. Who is more rich experience than he?

21 Kong Zhili, born in 1975, the right guard, right half, forward

training in techniques and style are good, but too much overlap position, after 96 years ran Pudong, ground into a mediocre.

22, high good, in 1965, Goalkeepers

95 years of heroes, 96-year bear. A first complete look at a game, Shenhua against GSK, high good that might ah!

23 Wawro good, born in 1973, forward

94, he put forward a European four-door shed three packs of awareness to an extreme, what to teach this knife that domestic gun any better soon blush. 95 four years he shed a European group of incompetent performance of rough forward to the extreme, what door 2 meters away from the office to play like flying.

24 Suosa, 1963, the right guard, right half, midfielder, AMC

Genbao said Shenhua this young team needs veterans like him. 94 in Shenyang, his performance was that of the same name plays little, but better luck. 95 years became a fireman. And so the boys can learn to learn, and I'm sorry the matter, since you are old like Shanghai, in Pudong it again until 2012.



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