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Barcelona to defend the Champions League it?

Son Jin Shan Qi2010-04-14 23:11:49 +0000 #1
Is not defending his title the club has never been ah?
civilization manual2010-04-14 23:20:38 +0000 #2
need it! Barcelona certainly is!
Wei Zheng snow I love you2010-04-14 23:39:22 +0000 #3
do Barcelona, and but for referees get into it with finals! English Premier League is no joke. I decided to Barcelona does not work! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
BenWeedom2010-04-14 23:36:29 +0000 #4
Champions League history, no other team can defend it! Heyday of Barcelona even now I do not think so, it has been out of the King's Cup, the momentum did not last so fierce, and a team will not dominate a row, because the world s many strong teams, let alone uncertain factor up to the soccer fields, I think even the Champions League Barcelona is soon to encounter in Stuttgart, it must not effect
liguanquna2010-04-15 01:00:33 +0000 #5
a club success, that are restructured before the Champions League, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Inter Milan have been defending.

Barca strong defending the Champions League, but the football too much uncertainty. Moreover, menacing Chelsea blue this year, in the Premier League Top 4 of dominance of small (4 war 4 wins, 0 lose the ball into the 8-ball), plus events at Stamford Bridge last year, estimated Barcelona Chelsea ominous event.
Aimosheng20022010-04-14 23:46:37 +0000 #6
be honest, I love Barcelona, but it is not easy to defend, especially last season's old rivals Chelsea, Real Madrid this season there are big hot.
Yztpc2010-04-14 23:47:34 +0000 #7
a club success, Real Madrid has

Barca defending three consecutive strong defending the Champions League, but too many uncertainties to the football field is not easy to defend
Flash 12010-04-15 02:06:53 +0000 #8
ah Barcelona certainly what Real Madrid are powerful need for running the team next year, ah may



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