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Vieri is now retire Why? ? ?

Chiujiu01172010-04-15 02:12:18 +0000 #1
I had a habit of Vieri, but as his age increases, and growing old, he left the people's eyes light ... I love Italian football, but did not he won the Titan Cup in Italy even let I felt dejected fans in this wave ... Is he not in the exclusive brand of clothing he left the soccer loop? ? ?
zjs32102010-04-15 02:17:32 +0000 #2

Boa Vista publicly pledged to retire Vieri finally back up, but his comeback from selected C team Boa Vista in Brazil.

With the originally Botafogo different rumors, this time in Brazil, local media, "Global Sports" more precise information is given, then the time today, Vieri has arrived in Rio de Janeiro, ready to sign on Boa Vista, and after The two sides have been negotiating in secret, so until Vieri arrived in Brazil, media Caidui be aware of this, it is learned, Christian Vieri will sign a more lucrative contract, a monthly salary of 50,000 euros for the 700 who took million annual salary Vieri is nothing but a Class C team to Brazil out the price for this is already quite good. In addition, in accordance with the contract, Boa Vista team will also provide a vehicle for the Vieri, a driver, and a beach side apartment.

Vieri had football all-powerful in Italy, scored 141 goals in Serie A, the team scored 49 goals last season with Atlanta, he also played nine times, two ball fetched after the expiration of the contract with the Atlanta , Vieri transformation retired briefly, becoming a professional poker player, but after all, decided to bear the loneliness come back a month ago, news that he and former teammate Section will be back in 巴西博塔福 cells, and finally I personally was Vieri denied, but in the end he chose to return to football, even though Brazil is a Class C team, but to enjoy the fun of football is enough.
Xzh06012010-04-15 02:41:42 +0000 #3
wskonnan2010-04-15 02:54:03 +0000 #4
Not yet, playing in Brazil are the effectiveness of the team Botafuge.



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