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English Premier League, Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga

Boy200692010-04-15 04:12:10 +0000 #1
I want to know about the league's competition schedule how the arrangements, What is the difference between these leagues and contacts?
listen to Snow 19002010-04-15 04:24:32 +0000 #2
Football Association of each country have a "computer tournament scheduling system", arranged by computer with race, this should be easy to arrange schedule much easier. But computers are not human, but also finished in the computer system manual scheduling arrangement, such as a team in the league can not play 3 consecutive games at home, were considered by people to carry out the

but the Premier League season, the upper and lower half of each screening not the same as the corresponding

unlike other leagues such as Serie A first one played and it will be two teams played again in 20

Spanish ah ah the Bundesliga and Serie A league of the arrangements of the same league are the order of half the same

but the Premier League schedule arrangements and several other leagues is not the same, even though they are the first 14 rounds played and the two teams would not have played again after the 19 schedule is not that arrangements
jclafeng2010-04-15 04:55:52 +0000 #3
UEFA competition arrangement system;

English Premier League, Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga UEFA match scheduling system can not be in conflict with UEFA;

UEFA and FIFA can not be in conflict with



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