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Goalkeeper of the self-protection

Small fart drum2010-04-15 09:11:24 +0000 #1
for example, how to protect themselves from the ball in key places, head ah, retaining the Department of, ah, sort of, and effective single-handedly saved. Like as far as possible, this can not say, how it hit his major vital risk reduction. Thank you.
_sybzd_2010-04-15 09:24:19 +0000 #2
I think if you hit the ball often go two parts can be, then it should be the beginning of gatekeepers. Special education, then no one more than watch TV or video pro action.

Gatekeepers reaction when your body may not keep up with the ball, but the eyes must keep a lot of people started gatekeepers can not keep up when the eye ball, bounce ball falls on the body, and he did not know what the ball location. Heading, then of course, with my hand, crotch, then naturally you can lift the leg curl. , Fast Do not be afraid when beaten, the more fear the more to suffer the more. Files generally play little, as if the face from the too close to the truth also Mozhe.

As for the single-pole, must be decisive, make sure good first hand flapping or body with tackle block. Master the timing of action and attack. When your high-speed mobile, people into a single-pole, you can easily. Particular attention to legs of other points too open, to not be Chuandang. Flutter single-pole, easily hurt, can not be avoided. Goalie injured after the attack and most of all physical contact with each other's. Remember, you are not professional players, do not be too hard, which can be beaten when the gatekeepers, but when the attack must protect your eyes.

You want the other goal posts under the restricted line and you judge a good position, especially when away from the gate line.

There is the line of net smash the door will be easy for the ball when the door or injury to the net, goalkeeper, abrasions, bruises larger than the other location more likely.
Butterfly Feifei ai2010-04-15 09:44:36 +0000 #3
the ball to you from the left flapping from the right, if not the first or hit the post before landing on all right
like_a_live2010-04-15 10:26:39 +0000 #4
Actually, do not hit the more serious consequences ... If you really want to be a good goalkeeper ... not afraid of the pain ...



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