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Barcelona Spanish League 24 goals against Malaga Why not be the last one

Ice5170831382010-04-15 10:11:34 +0000 #1
Malaga Barcelona on the last ball into why apparently not?
stevenyeah2010-04-15 10:17:50 +0000 #2
referee should be considered Ibrahimovic Bo Yang in the next shot when the ball pass in the first pulled down Malaga 3 Villiger Dayton, foul earlier, disallowed the goal.

Look at several sites to watch the news:

Sina: "86 minutes, Bo Yang replaced Pedro. The first 90 minutes, Bo Yang Chuan-restricted area on the left, the relevant statistic procedures Ibrahimovic broke foul by pushing people in the first is not valid. "

Sohu:" 89 minutes Peak Houchangchangzhuan, 马拉加后卫 stop the ball mistakes, Bo Yang steals the left after the closed cross &, Ibrahimovic ball in a small restricted area into the empty net. But Lubinuosi - Peres is that when Ibrahimovic back in the collision of the Willig Qiangdian Dayton, goal was disallowed, Guardiola was very dissatisfied. "

NetEase:" 89 minutes Ibrahimovic Road, then pass Qiangdian Bo Yang broke, but because of people pushing foul earlier invalidated. "

QQ:" 90 minutes, Ibrahimovic broke unfortunately relevant statistic procedures before shooting foul was sentenced earlier, scoring void . "

espn:" 89 minutes, Bo Yang in the restricted area pass, the ball Qiangdian Ibrahimovic scored, but the referee signaled the ball foul earlier, disallowed the goal. "

personal view: the penalty should be business employees. Ibrahimovic before the shooting, though behind in Dayton Villiger, but from Villiger Burton stabbed the ball behind him room to move, go, hands should not push people too obvious action (once again looked at the video highlights) . Ibrahimovic could poke the ball in the room to move when there is physical contact with Villiger Dayton, Villiger Patton why he did not physically there, it was Ibrahimovic feet sticking out a bit mixed, with Ibrahimovic produced in contact behind inertia, so I fell down. Magistrates may also look at Barcelona ahead, many people said referee to take care of Barcelona, then let it blew foul Ibrahimovic. Anyway, Barcelona won the final on the line.



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