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Kaka Kaladze is the cousin of you, why look Bi Kaka is also the old

New York chief of the village2010-04-15 11:11:24 +0000 #1

must Engine ☆ Xiuluo2010-04-15 11:16:23 +0000 #2
Kaka Kaladze is not a cousin, Bi Kaka much larger

His cousin is Di Jiaao Rodrigo Digao the functional height of 194cm defender
chnq19842010-04-15 11:58:54 +0000 #3
Where'd you hear that the ... ...

surname card? That should be the cousin of Kazakhstan ... ...

Kaladze all 32 of the ... ...

Kaka cousin Eduardo to Guangzhou Pharmaceutical experimental training
xautwuyi2010-04-15 12:02:24 +0000 #4
should be, anyway, all name cards.

Kahn, Cafu, Roberto Carlos as if all their cards home.

Looks like Luo clan in football a lot.
Erwin3162010-04-15 13:08:04 +0000 #5
Who said that the two men had been a teammate in addition nothing outside.



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