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Old Chelsea fans the second phase of test questions, test your impression of Chelsea before Abramovi

Metamorpho2010-04-15 16:11:53 +0000 #1
Note: The following questions are based on the end of 90's and early 00's Chelsea

1. Belletti from Barcelona to join the right-back, However, Abu former Chelsea also have a right back joined from Barcelona Who is he? (Hint: the appearance is exactly like Hitler)

2. Cite a former Chelsea's Romanian striker (Mutu excluded)

3.99/00 season Chelsea lost away 1 to 5, Barcelona, Flo who scored in that pass the ball to him? 4. In the days before Abu, which one played the England players for Chelsea, who won the Premier League title? (Hint: naturally not in the array to get Chelsea's) 5. Chelsea captain Wise move to Leicester City in the back after the match at Stamford Bridge, the main Xikenbeici was given to him before the show begins As a gift, what? 6. Gallas joined Chelsea just what hairstyle? 7. Are there any Dutch players Chelsea only played four times for several years but took the £ 40,000 weekly salary?
terrydong262010-04-15 16:22:20 +0000 #2
1. Ferrer

2. Petrescu 3. The other goalkeeper Hespe 4. Lesuokesi 5. A large red card 6. A hair 7. Bo Kathmandu

enough for the professional bar, I began to like Chelsea, 98, and has remained until now. At that time I produced on the Chelsea love is Flo. Up to now I think that in addition to Zola, and the second is a great player Flo. Besides, I hate the villain Leboeuf as greedy for money.
Less pounds short 22010-04-15 16:29:38 +0000 #3
Lanzhou fried, no points would also like to return to so many problems, too lazy to find information on a lot of effort, and rely entirely on memory to answer

1: Ferrari

2: Pidesiku

3: Baba Ya Lo

4: wise

5: do not know

6: Marseille Desailly told me about

7: Boagete



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