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Strength of the previous two World Cup Spain what? Whom in which games out? Score?

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meimeiaiking2010-04-15 20:20:14 +0000 #2
2002 World Cup match against South Korea because the two goals have been wronged and stop at the quarter-finals, 2006 World Cup in Germany, Spain, abnormal brave performance team group stage, but one-eighth final reversal to win the French team 3:1.

Beijing at half past two p.m. on the 22 June, the World Cup 1 / 4 final 3 games in the Gwangju World Cup Stadium whistle. Spain in the war on penalties by South Korea out of 3 to 5. 90 minutes goalless draw both sides, only access to overtime. Morientes top scoring a goal, but was controversial earlier ruled out of bounds, then he hit the post and also a single-pole, the opportunity was sentenced to offside. After the penalty battle, Helguera and other Spanish players siege of several angry assistant referee. The two sides into the cruel penalty shootout. No. 1, Hwang Sun-hong injection of a ball point not Diao, Casillas flapping direction, but the ball given a statement from his armpits. Hierro vigorous shoot the door at the top left. No. 2, Park reached the door at the top right, Baraja into the bottom left corner. No. 3, Xue Qi-hyun reached the lower right corner, Harvey scored his right foot rub the inside of the upper right corner. No. 4, Ahn Jung Hwan scored the middle goal, shot the ball Joaquin little power, Lee, left Cepu closed out. No. 5, Hong Myung-bo fired into the top right corner, South Korea 5 to 3 win. Is Joaquin the missed a penalty!
Magictuo2010-04-15 20:20:57 +0000 #3
Who'll get no points ah

this is Spain and Brazil, the




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