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National football coaching change course

smile _ Mai2010-04-15 20:11:44 +0000 #1
I want to know after the China Football since Milutinovic left for a few coaches, results are what
wangfa7892010-04-15 20:22:55 +0000 #2
find many wrong upstairs Oh

No. 21 Ren : Milosevic (former Yugoslavia)

in 2000 took over the national team, after the Asian Cup was fourth. Top Ten World Cup qualifier in 2001 on the rate of the Chinese team goes to achieving the dream of several generations of Chinese fans, with the Chinese team in 2002 World Cup campaign, scoring a goal in three wars do not throw the ball after the class 9.

S 22 Director: Alihaen (Netherlands)

at the end of 2002 he became head coach in 2004, held in the local Shuaidui won the Asian Cup runner-up. But in 2004 World Cup Asian qualifying group stage could not qualify, then forced to class.

No. 23 Director: Zhu (Shanghai)

living the Chinese team in 2004 after the preliminaries are out of the former coach of Automatic class according to the contract, the Chinese Football Association has started a new round of Xuanshuai. After the league from Zhu command to obtain the Shenzhen team Super League champions, attracted the attention of football. In addition, Zhu reputation in football is very good, who know foreign languages, have experience of studying abroad, but also engage in something new. He is also studying Jianlibao had to go to Brazil soccer team coach, the players are quite familiar with this call. After visits and comments on the other side, football coach finally handed him the helm. In March 2005 formally served as the national team coach. Shuaidui 东亚四强赛 during the 2006 champion. However, in 2007, failed to qualify Asian Cup group stage, to create the history of China Team, the worst performance in Asia Cup was forced to class.

S 24 Director: Samuel Doe (head coach) in August 2007 - 2008 8 months to be held in the Chinese Football Association coach of the Commission's work session, the official OK "two of a total" approach, that is, a total coach (Samuel Doe), command teams (Soccer Team and Olympic), as Guo Zihao team World Cup qualifying campaign and the principles of the Beijing Olympics. The head coach in Douilly under the coordination of national football and Olympic teams will coordinate with both the Beijing Olympics to achieve good results, but also strive to World Cup qualifiers in South Africa in achieving good results.

S 25 Director: Folado September 2007 - 2008 9 months to football decisions: the future of the national team, the final decision is two parallel, 08 national team and Olympic team head coach Douilly unified by the responsible two each his own, not directly related. Douilly primarily responsible for preparing for the Olympics work, the implementation of the appointment of a national team coach, and coordinating with Samuel Doe, the task of ensuring that the Olympic Games and World Cup are not delayed. Douilly has identified three candidates Folado, cocoa Bulatovic, Milan Milutinovic. Folado about 200,000 U.S. dollars annual salary line, "coach salary lower than the Douilly" standard, also in line with Football Association's general requirements.

S 26 Director: Yin Tiesheng (interim coach) in December 2008 - 2010

from the Beijing Olympic Games have more than 20 days, Douilly as training methods and issues in contradiction with the players, the Chinese Football Association denied training and competition command of the Chinese coach Yin Tiesheng as Executive Coaching, a comprehensive training and competition to take over the work of the team. Yin Tiesheng the implementation of the coaches and Folado the implementation of the coach, it means they are on, there are a coach and head coach Douilly. But assistant coach Folado is complete, basically follow the command of then head coach Douilly. Yin Tiesheng's coach at the coach's real power there, over training and conducting competitions, Douilly The interior has a nominal.

27th term I think we all know

Gao Hongbo should be familiar Kazakhstan ``
woo942010-04-15 20:55:42 +0000 #3
Douilly (Serbia and Montenegro): start well, then sucks.

Yin Tiesheng: Black.

Iso: current coach



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