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C Lo now, and how to change the time at Manchester United it?

KAKAOL__COM2010-04-15 20:11:58 +0000 #1

flyliupeng2010-04-15 20:22:04 +0000 #2
First of all, the first note, I am not very fond of C Law, but I will be fair.

C Lo during Manchester United:

C Lo tactics at a time when many of which are developed around C Luo, C Luo was in Manchester United before the field is like a walk people, you can almost offensive in any location to see C Lo . Sharp break between him and the goal rate is not too low, almost in every case, Chuangtzu, so we fed him the ball often. As the great offensive, Manchester United's defense will forward pressure (It also explains why the team needs now so back on defense quickly and Patrice Evra have some offensive ability backs). At that time the defense should be one sentence explanation is: The best defense is attack.

But this tactic is also some bad parts, that is, when the C Lo to play well, or completely limit the situation caused by passive. The previous year, and Barcelona's Champions League final is a good example. All are fully capable of Barcelona's trident, sharp break. And C Luo in the game is almost completely restricted and the state is not very good, Manchester United played 10 minutes after the defeat of Rome strike.

Now Manchester United:

now can not say that it is to play around Wayne Rooney's Manchester United, but Rooney is indeed the best offensive point.

The beginning of the season, Manchester United play the play began to return to 98-99 years, both the dual take-off increase to centerfield. Then they tried the standard dual front tactics, Road flowering tactics. With this team is now familiar with Manchester United players slowly (mainly familiar with the tactics of change), close to a few games of view, Manchester United now play a little bit tends to 433, we now have a pair of wings and a good yield of the forward , 433 really cut out to Manchester United now.

But I think that we should continue to watch this team just played great for six months. To tell the truth, C Lo's from Manchester United to go to a lot of strength reduction, reduced spectator point. But the contrast, I still prefer the current Manchester United game a lot more passion, if again this year to buy a good Frontal and Wayne Rooney to play with, I think the strength of Manchester United will be stronger than C Lo period.
Wskonnan2010-04-15 20:48:37 +0000 #3
personally think it is almost, currently at Real Madrid has not yet reached the level of Manchester United, but feels he still has the strength to achieve, though not very like him, huh, huh -
daqdaqdd2010-04-15 20:46:48 +0000 #4
more confident and wild the.
Dreams Happy 20002010-04-15 20:37:52 +0000 #5
far worse, playing three detachment certainly can not win

The three detachment is: Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea
skies dawn2010-04-15 20:31:55 +0000 #6
C Luo has more crazy. . .
1831723172010-04-15 22:48:43 +0000 #7
from the star into a superstar, and capacity should be about, he should have reached its peak, and there would be no increase -!
00totti002010-04-15 22:03:59 +0000 #8
Manchester United match in the 200-foot shot in the Real Madrid game

199 feet so could not get the ball shot Rights
qweqwe7211462010-04-15 23:27:58 +0000 #9
mature more for the team services more than personal, emotional control than ever before, I have always been like, no one can deny that his strength



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