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Request an essay on the card (the level of high school students)

oumen79389922010-04-15 23:10:55 +0000 #1
is about Kaka's spirit and elegance of style on the court and some words about composition ..........( 600)
ruanfei3452010-04-15 23:21:19 +0000 #2
Oh, really funny, what is betrayal?

Modern football is the commercial subsidiary of the things already, like the card if it is groupies

I think upstairs is one angry youth

first understand the card is where I do not remember. Only the impression that there is such a player, called Kaka. And almost everyone else, the first impression is handsome, or can be a more appropriate word - handsome. From the distant Latin America, even such a light, pleasant grown players, while surprise has no more feeling. I am not a love at first sight of the people, nor even to look up his information. Until my sister and me watch the sports news, see the card, such as see heaven, let me check card information, I was starting to understand the card.

Most impressed me is his pure love with Caroline, and his next step onto the grass from the sick bed of perseverance. Not for money, is born from the love of football, so he embarked on a professional league. To the 15-year-old Caroline's commitment to the most perfect, the last Jiaoutiancheng, I think all of their admiration far more than the envy of the state.

From Kaka in my life. I also love soccer and started playing Frontal position, not like the goal, but like running the ball opened empty. After the goal, actually began to unconsciously hands that day. (I learned a long time learning this movement, lack of school less than a pious remarks of my card) Although the students laughed at me contrived, I still go its own way short. This and Kaka years, is so insecure and confused.

Twinkling of an eye to 2007, came the era that is Kaka. See his lightning speed to resolve the Celtics to see his iron railings aspect of Zhanluo Manchester United, to see him wearing that "I Belong To Jesus" look up to the vault of heaven. Manchester United's second goal, do not know why the media, as I imagine the high rating, I think it was the best Champions League goal - beyond Zizou's bow Legend of the Condor. Pick off guard, and then he made a people's movement can not be copied, with the head gently Yiceng, it really is Yiceng, two Manchester United defender, already find any. "Elegant" word appeared in my eyes, ignore the two guards his elegant and gently sent the ball goal. In the high-speed running in the face about the impact of the two guards, his mind so calm, cool shocking. That goal seen many times, thought that if his head shrink a little slower, two guards will be down to the waist, he rushed, regardless of the face should say excited. I began to think, I worship him.

Time they came to the winter of 2009, Sheikh Mansour's billions of dollars money, so everyone burst eclipsed. My card, if selfish, will become the most expensive player in the history, the history of the most expensive annual salary. He chose to stick to loyalty, is not blind loyalty. You need me, I dedicate the first time for you; you do not need me, I will not Sipilailian. In this way, in the summer, Kaka went to the Bernabeu that gorgeous.
Planetary Assault Carriers NB2010-04-15 23:43:01 +0000 #3
.... that betrayed the spirit of San Siro, what to speak of the men. . . Brother, I advise you not to write, writing certainly have been ridiculed. . . . . If you are A m Maldini fans what you to write about, if it is to write Raul Real Madrid fans go, they are known for strong allegiance to the soul, if you write card can only show your bias. . Is a common groupies, not qualified to be fans. .



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