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ppcm2010-04-17 16:11:20 +0000 #1
09 began to the present world soccer nice song, made in previous years to avoid a Ha Thank you
snow milk2010-04-17 16:25:11 +0000 #2
Brand New Day-Ryan Star Now Pianwei Qu

is "Do not lie to me," the song

Gotta Be Somebody-Nickelback09 the second half is the first
transparent impermanence2010-04-17 16:47:50 +0000 #3
Series Name: World Soccer

their singer: World Football

Album Language: English / Chinese

LP Company: Unknown

Release Date: May 10, 2007

Album Description:

World Soccer World Soccer's latest album, music honor you are evidence! Dedicated for the football crazy people!

As the songs were collected from the network, part of the music sound quality may be poor, but also my friends forgive me please!

★ World Football opening song ★

1 Don't turn off the light - Enrique Iglesias

★ World Football Pianwei Qu ★

2 Amorphis - Day Of Your Beliefs

3 Yellow - Coldplay

4 When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating

5 You wanted more - A-ha

6 Do I have to cry for you - Nick Carter

7 Sixpack Full Of Happiness - Fury in the Slaughterhouse

★ Five Plus, Ten Series ★

8 Right here right now - Fatboy slim - 5 good goals in the background music

9 Unbreakable - Westlife - World Football Top10 songs end of 10 goals in 10 background music (especially recommended)

11 10 fighting background music

★ absolute superstar ★

12 Better man - Robbie Williams - melancholy Prince: Roberto Baggio

13 I will always return - Bryan Adams - Deep Blue Prince: Maldini

14 Angel - Sarah Mclachlan - God of War: Batistuta

15 Stand by me - Oasis - Zonda: Caniggia

16 Long long way to go - Def Leppard - Marco Van Basten

17 You took my heart away - Michael Learns to Rock - watch songs Piero

★ ★

18 Heal the world - Michael Jackson - We love football, we are concerned about the world

19 Never grow old - The Cranberries - dedicated to romance and uninhibited, full of texture, unyielding, omnipotent Roberto Baggio 20 beautiful mind - the more RURU - August 1st issue in commemoration of the topic Baggio to 21 do not go - Xu Meijing - - Baggio farewell MTV's music

22 Don't go away - Oasis - Yongtui star

23 Quand je pence a tol - Annie Pratt - When I think of you,

24 A number on my back - John Williamson - I am behind the numbers

25 When you believe - Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston's Chorus - China women's soccer team dedicated the song to 26 now and forever - high flag - now and forever

27 Forca- -Nelly Furtado - 2004 European Championship main theme song

28 Here I am - Bryan Adams - World Cup after the league that season five opening song

29 Everything I do, I do it for you - Bryan Adams - European League opening five songs

30 You'll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins - give preference on the 13th of AC Milan and Italy defender Alessandro Nesta to 31 national team in the sun after it has rained - Xu Meijing - Raul feature

32 Live For Love United - 45 superstars from the common interpretation of

33 Pazza Inter - Inter Milan new team song

34 All for love - Bryan Adams--12/20/04 World Soccer episode 35 Noble Feast - High flag - European Cup special program, "Noble Feast" theme song

36 Short Trip Home - Yo-Yo Ma - World soccer's World Cup theme of "Orange Memory - Dutch" background music

★ Other ★

37 Hero - Enrique Iglesias - World Cup during a special program of CCTV several times the background music

38 Dying in the sun - The Cranberries - Korea-Japan World Cup bid farewell to France, Portugal , Argentina, Italy, when the heart-rending song

39 I will always return - Bryan Adams - West Ham United for the downgrade (absolute superstar Prince Deep Blue: Maldini also miss in the song)

40 World of our own - Westlife - Irish World Cup squad at the end of their journey home after a warm welcome. In the welcome return of the performances on the West Side boys from Ireland team for their sang "world of our own"

41 Moment of glory - Scorpions - 2002 during the World Cup, after the game in England and Argentina also After the broadcast of Brazil to win over a good listen to the songs

42 Kowloon, Hong Kong - Pandey China --12/06/04 world football "Others" which uses the background music to 43 Ronaldinho highlights of the background Music - World Soccer Ronaldinho highlights of the game's background music to 44 the price of love - Jonathan Lee (former songwriter concert version) --12/13/04 World Football Special feature "Do the Toyota Cup" background music



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