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How old Inzaghi?

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Inzaghi How old?
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Name: Philippines - Inzaghi (Filippo Inzaghi)

Nationality: Italy

Role Position: Forward

Date of Birth: August 9, 1973

Height: 181cm

Weight: 74kg

is the effectiveness of the club: AC Milan, played for the club
: Atlanta, Verona, Parma, Piacenza Juventus

brilliant record has won major honors: the 1997/98 season, the Italian League championship; 1997 won the Italian Super Cup season championship.

1998 Caps: 2 games

Personal Home Page: / filippoinzaghi

has been selected by the famous Italian coach Cesare Maldini coached the Italian Under-21 youth team.

In the 1996-1997 season, the Italian Football League, on behalf of the Italian soccer club play in Atlanta to get into the 24-ball score the title of top scorer of the season.

June 1997, from Italy atalanta juventus move to Italy, as striker.

May 16, 1998, with co-players to be 97-98 Juventus Serie A title last season. He and Del Piero is known as the gold partner that the Serie A season.

1998, selected the Italian national team participated in the World Cup.

In front has unparalleled inspiration, five years ago, a Serie A top scorer in Atlanta, the current transfer from AC Milan, Juventus is the team's top scorer, is also an indispensable figure in the Italian national team.

1991/92 season the club played Piacenza Goal 2 -


1993/94 Verona Leffy Team 2113 Team 3613


1995/96 1994/95 Piacenza Parma Team 152

1996/97 Atlanta 3324


1997/98 Juventus 1998/99 Juventus 2813 Juventus 3315


Italian national team the strongest line-up was only a single main family portrait cloth Von

Italian Main List:

position players club date of birth, height (cm) Weight (kg)

1978 Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon -1-2819183

goalkeeper Peruzzi Lazio

1970-2-1618188 1977-3-2619080 Udinese goalkeeper De Sanctis

后卫扎卡尔多巴 lemo 1981-12-21 18 477

Hou Weiao Dorazio 1976-6-1418276 AC Milan defender Alessandro Nesta

1976-3-1918779 1973-9-1317675 Juventus defender Fabio Cannavaro

defender Marco Materazzi Inter Milan 1973-8-1919392

后卫巴扎利巴 lemo 1981-5-818679

defender Gianluca Zambrotta Juventus 1977-2-1918776

后卫格罗索巴 lemo 1977 - 1-2819079

avant-garde Pirlo AC Milan 1979-5-1917768

avant-garde Gattuso AC Milan 1978-1-917777

德罗西罗马 1983-7-2318478

avant-garde avant-garde Camora Juventus 1976-10-417770 within the Western avant-garde 巴罗内巴勒莫 1978-4-3017873

avant-garde Diana Sampdoria 1978-1-218072

striker Alberto Gilardino AC Milan 1982-7-518476

striker Tony Florence 1977-5-2619388

striker Alessandro Del Piero Juventus striker Tuodiluoma 1974-11-917373

striker Iakun 1976-9-2618078 Tower Udinese 1979-11-21187 77

Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Rome (Monaco)

Defenders: Bazzali (Palermo), Bonera (Parma), Canava Luo (Juventus), Gianluca Zambrotta (Juventus), Qiyelini (Florence), Fabio Grosso (Palermo), Materazzi (Inter Milan), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan) , Zaccardo (Palermo)

Midfielders: Simone Barone (Palermo), Blasi (Juventus), Mauro Camoranesi (Juventus), Germany - Rossi (Roma) , Diana (Sampdoria), Pirlo (AC Milan)

Forwards: Antonio Cassano (Roma), Esposito (Cagliari), Alberto Gilardino (Parma), Tony (Pakistan lemo), Vieri (Inter Milan)



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