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Who is Fabianski?

゛ Mr Ibrahimovic2010-04-18 03:11:59 +0000 #1

Who is also called Pipi Lu2010-04-18 03:22:59 +0000 #2
Lukasz Fabianski

Nationality: Poland

Birthday: April 18, 1985

Height: 1m 90 Weight: 84 kg

Position: Goalkeeper

is the effectiveness of the ball Team: Arsenal

World Cup experience: none to 21-year-old Fabianski Poland World Cup in the list beyond most people's expectations. Poland national team 21 years of age as the main goalkeeper, the young Polish keeper Fabianski in the leader. Ideal figure, quick response and sound basic order to the German experience Fabianski got the chance competition atmosphere.

Maybe for Fabianski for the European Cup after World Cup qualifiers that he is a more realistic goal, but he could go abroad at any time a young goalkeeper, any opportunity is precious of.

In the World Cup draw, when the hosts Germany and Poland in the group, the host of a celebration, they believe in the European team in the weakest team picked up a rival as a group. However, this result is also thankful to the Poles: their chance.

Poland also had a glorious history, had produced excellent players, but the World Cup in 1986 after 16 years they missed the time the World Cup finals. Poland World Cup team players are most excellent effect in Germany, it is a typical Eastern European team, good skilled player fitness, stress groups, act in harmony, attack speed. 433 is its usual lineup, the two wings has been a breakthrough in the Polish attack. Defense strong, tough, but the lack of speed.

In general, Poland's defense is still relatively strong, and tough stability is its greatest advantage, however, turned Hui in the face of slow and fast forward smarts difficult when the time comes. Poland midfielder is a relatively weak link, it has not found a combination of the most appropriate personnel, which will stabilize and understanding of its great impact. In the attack, the Polish wing attack is that it features.
, Aged only 24, Fabianski, Arsenal will likely provoke the defense beams! Reaction speed, but the overall imbalance of Defense, which is his biggest drawback. But still young, as in the overall development of better, it will be Arsenal's blessing!

[Edit this paragraph] number Fabianski played the club season resumes

National League level goals ranked

2009/10 Arsenal 2100 England 1 3

2008/09 Arsenal 2160 England 1 4

2007/08 Arsenal 2130 England 1 3

2006/07 Chinese Shalaijiya 1230 Poland 1 3

2005/06 Chinese Shalaijiya 30 300 Poland 1 1

2004/05 Poznan Lech 33 Portland 18

Fabianski transfer record (Note: The transfer fee was € 10 000 units) for the contract expiration date of the transfer nature of the transfer fee to switch out of the team into the team

2007-05-262012 -06-30 transfer 435 Chinese Shalaijiya signing Arsenal

2005-07-01 2007-05-26

Unknown Chinese Shalaijiya
Frank Lampard to play Rock2010-04-18 03:17:56 +0000 #3
Little France, Arsenal goalkeeper



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