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England beat Egypt, where will broadcast?

long3_1232010-04-18 04:12:09 +0000 #1
Leave a net ... ...
Eternal Meazza2010-04-18 04:16:33 +0000 #2
03 月 04

04:00 on Thursday, soccer warm-up match England - Egypt STAR Sports Taiwan (PPstream) STAR Sports Taiwan (UUsee) STAR Sports Taiwan ( PPlive) Guangdong Sports (PPstream) Guangdong Sports (UUSee Tvants) Guangdong Sports (PPlive) CSPN Shandong (PPLive) Jiangsu Sports (Sogou)

Tomorrow 4:00 Guangdong sports channels live in England while playing the game in Egypt Internet TV UUsee PPstream PPlive it will also be broadcast live to see

recommend you watch the game with UUSee network television when downloaded to choose can be seen in Guangdong Sports
fly12522010-04-18 04:42:15 +0000 #3
England vs Egypt 04:00 am tomorrow, Guangdong Sports, STAR Sports Hong Kong NOW Broadband 671, Super Sports 3, live.

You can watch it live.



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