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梅尔穆特绍 Seoul (Mehmet Scholl)

Nickname: Scholli

Position: Midfielder

Nationality: German

Birth Date / Place: 1970 -10-16 / Karlsruhe

Constellation: Libra

Height / Weight / Shoe Size: 177cm/70kg/7

Marital status: divorced (his girlfriend Jessica), two children, son Julian Lucas, daughter Polly.

Education: High School

Character: tolerance humor steady

Interests: music fashion reading

motto: The next game is always much harder, and vice versa.

Former club: SV Northwest Karlsruhe (1976-1982), Karlsruhe SC (1982-92)

joined Bayern Time: June 1992

retired Time: August 16, 2007


Even if he was not born in the prestigious football family, his temperament has also determined that he would pitch on a career. Lightweight, sensitive and delicate, if not to play such a man, not a fan after playing the idol, simply does not make sense.


Now, there are still many people think that Euro 1996 is in the past 10 years, one of the most memorable events. Although the second event in the sense that only "make sure that" the Bierhoff one person, but watched the game, everyone agrees that the real heroes of the German team is their three "leading man": Fuge Ci, g Lin Siman and Shaw. Now, five years later, the three heroes in the past two out of the pitch has been, and then the youngest Shaw has been with his skill helped people more and more attention. October 16, 1970, Mohammed • Shaw was born in Germany. From his name to know Shaw is not on a purely German, although of Turkish descent, but Shaw is the other end only slightly bent inherited hair and handsome face. For the born and grew up in Germany, Mehmet, he received a traditional education in German soccer, his football philosophy is definitely thinking of Germany and soccer-style. But this did not prevent Shaw has its own unique "thing", read the Shaw play of people like to regard him as the Bundesliga's foreign aid. Indeed, Shaw Brisk free and easy style of play is really a German team in the most beautiful scenery.


1992 performance of 3 years, Shaw played for Karlsruhe in the Bundesliga, in a total of 58 appearances, he scored 11 goals in total. This is not a matter of pride, good news is also aware of Shaw. The spring of 1992, to 3.3 million U.S. dollars Shaw joined Bayern Munich, this is a turning point in his career. Bayern team from the start, Shaw has been playing with some kind of extraordinary attractiveness and the role of winning a competition. Bayern's first team in the season, Shaw played 31 times, scored a total of 7 goals in a number of players on the team for the new arrival can not enter the best time, Shaw maintained he was miraculously Feast for the Eyes. German media began to seriously looked at the height of 1 meter from 78 feet and has incredible insight star, for a time, "wisdom", "joy and light sensitivity" and "real" ... ... all of these full of charm, cause people to associate words with Shaw's performance on the court to pass out easily. Fanatical fans call him the representative of a new generation of German players, from their comment was: It is a temper, a character, but very quiet and dedicated man, we need players, received strict training, the presence of the ball on the kick up enough resources to really.

1994, Bayern Munich won the Shaw in his first league title, the stars began to trace a trace of light to penetrate to every corner of Shaw Living. This year, the German national team in the United States suffered an unprecedented hit in recent years, German for the first time realized that they had all-conquering chariot is also faced with the problem of aging. At this point, 24-year-old Shaw in a timely manner, "surfaced," he wished, could become a member of the German national team? Euro 1996 has given us the best answer. Perhaps Shaw innate sense of superiority is that no matter what kind of environment, he can always play to their skills the best. In 1996, Fu Geci eyes smiling approval, the Muhammad • Shaw began his trip in England. Hassler's injured midfielder Shaw had an opportunity to show that, although his performance was not eye-catching, but it does play a significant role. As the first national team to participate in the contest on behalf of young people, end Seoul's performance is quite good. In fact, early in the League Cup field, Shaw because he can pass on to the conflict, with the number of people over each other until the ball back of the net performances Jijingsizuo nest. European Championship victory will be to meet Shaw's bright future. However, it is clear that our hero is also not used to put themselves in is like a "magnifier" next life. While many players will be a great victory for change in their life situation, but Shaw can not. European Championship after Shaw is still engaged in trying to emulate other role players, but he was not so complacent. Euro is the Bundesliga title after, another life is a passionate moment the full, can Shaw now face some can not, because we are all anxious to find out before the injury has become the best way to explain. To 1998 World Cup Archives, Shaw unfortunately injured in the face Fuge Ci, Shaw's attitude is at the disposal of the national team's call, this time, Fuge Ci to shift his name from the list of planning out a large . Followed by a German team in the World Cup debacle. All this has nothing to do with Shaw, he is just a Fuge Ci Qi Jiang; one may be able to change the fate of the German team player; a small test their skills in international football, a move that is in the player. Rare "leisure" time, was hit by all kinds of unexpected things that fill up, this is Shaw never think of. He was a large number of female fans as the second most handsome player in Germany, after a tough guy Kirsten; there, his marriage with his wife finally come to an end. Life and career at this moment made a knot, this is a player around here. Reviews 1999, Shaw welcomed new coach Ottmar Hitzfeld. Trapattoni coached in the period, Shaw only want to do is to leave Bayern team, also out this Hoeness Manager 2 000 million marks over the transfer fee. "I am particularly disgusted with Trapattoni's beat about the bush speech, have something to say so. It is the words of Shaw left the club level. Beckenbauer as one of the few pro-point favorite, Shaw published his little point of view, gives the impression that he seems to deliberately avoid the fate of their own innate. in football, Shaw guard the wing is the most trusted, and he is not the field commanders; off, he life is more monotonous. However, this situation with the arrival of Hitzfeld completely changed. German media has repeatedly noted that boast about Xisierde Shaw: "Since the 11-year professional football career, I have not touched been to a bed of roses such as coach Hitzfeld. Quarrel between us has never been, in the view point of view, we have never had any real difference, and I especially trust him. "To be sure that Hitzfeld is not only brought three consecutive Bundesliga Bayern reputation is more important is his concept of active football players battle each desire. In the same Manchester United team that has made field Delightful lakes revenge war (2001 Cup), the Shaw could not help open the heart to reporters: "I now have a relief of pleasure, joy into everyone's hearts, even though I tried to forget the Camp Nou 1999 the court scene, but it is just like a ghost lingering. Now I can finally feel a good, long last. "Yes, dreams naturally round. Dramatic win in the season from 2000 to 2001 after the German champions, Bayern team at the San Siro stadium last round of the Champions League dream. This is a late victory in 3 years. 3 years ago German football badly needs a victory in an international competition to consolidate the trend of relative decline. 3 years ago, 28-year-old Shaw, however, in this 3-year period, Shaw did was for the Bayern team won 3 time Bundesliga champion, won for himself the best player in Germany in 2000 and also launched into numerous particle stunning free kick ... ...

[Edit this section] Swan Song

May 20, 2007, in worship Yan United States Mainz game, wearing the captain's armband to participate in the day of his last race, Shaw helped Bayern into the second ball, for his farewell painting a perfect base. but in yesterday's Allianz , the audience cheers as much as the European champions Bayern, although the audience after playing veteran still did not, but for the fans and Bayern, as long as he was in court is enough to give pleasure. This is Shaw's first season a starter, he was in the enjoyment of the audience 69 thousand fans chanted his nickname, "Sauli", from the 21-year-old came to Bayern, he is one of the signs here.

"This day is special for me, I enjoyed it all. "Shaw said after the whistle.

August 16, 2007, in the friendly with Barcelona, Shaw completed his final performance. In 53 minutes, football's most amazing thing happened, Bayern replaced with a 7 7. Shaw from the symbolic token number 7 jersey to the Franck Ribéry - another genius. the audience to stand, with applause to honor this great player. small Luo also arrived at the scene, and a close embrace with Shaw. Although Bayern 0:1 match for Barcelona, but this night is destined to Shaw, is Bayern Munich. The game is also the Bayern midfielder Mehmet Scholl retired before the last game. 36-year-old Shaw was played for Bayern Munich for 15 years, who has played 300 Club several times, and on behalf of the German national team played 36 times.

Name: Siu-yee (Mehmet Scholl)

Nationality: German

field position: avant-garde

Date of Birth: October 16, 1970

Height: 176cm

Weight: 68kg

is the effectiveness of the club: Bayern Munich, played for the club
: Karlsruhe

technology glorious superior, bigger picture strong , wonderful footwork, Shaw has attacked the premises of a need to have all the qualities. his role in the field is essential for Bayern is concerned, the 02/03, 03/04 season, Shaw's injuries affected his normal level of play, the new season getting on in age, he will not be the absolute main Bayern, but he is still a significant Bayern team player.

2002/2003 Stats Bundesliga Champions League appearances 183

playing time (minutes) 1001194

40 goals

career statistics the number of goals last season the club played a few


1990/1991 Karl Karlsruhe 31 Silu E 33 6 30 5


1992/1993 Karlsruhe Bayern Munich Bayern Munich 33 7 33 13



1995/1996 Bayern Munich 4312 Bayern Munich 43 1996/1997 Bayern Munich 15 28 6


1998/1999 Bayern Munich 4811 Bayern Munich Bayern Munich 18 4 42 10



2001/2002 Bayern Munich 4816 Bayern Munich Bayern Munich 23 7 27 4



2004/2005 Bayern Munich Bayern Munich 91 27 5


2006/2007 Bayern Munich Bayern Munich 277 20 1




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